280hp Ford Focus ST Wagon revealed

Who doesn't love a fast estate? Or a fast Ford? Praise be then for the debut of the new Focus ST Wagon (yep, Wagon) which gets a 280hp 2.3-litre Ecoboost motor and a-l-o-t of boot space. Swallowing up to 1,620 litres of stuff with the seats down (or 575 with them up), the ST estate rivals the Leon Cupra ST R for performance and practicality, but at Β£33,095, it's Β£4,880 cheaper than the Spaniard. And compared to the slightly cheaper Skoda Octavia vRS Estate Challenge, the Ford has 35hp more on tap.

Unsurprisingly it gets the same kit as its Β£1,100 cheaper hatch equivalent, including an electronic limited-slip differential, rev-matching technology and ST drive modes - while both six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic gearboxes are offered. Moreover, the Wagon wears ST bodywork and black detailing - to remind us all that no comparable performance SUV comes close - and is offered in only one trim variant, so there's no more worrying about the ST-2 or -3 designation come resale time.

For anyone who prefers their fast wagon to be slower and worse, there's also a 190hp 2.0-litre diesel version which is apparently good for a dreary 59mpg combined. Prices for this version, which comes exclusively with the six-speed manual, start at Β£30,595, meaning that it is also Β£1,100 pricier than the hatch equivalent as well. Want one? Sales for both kick off in the summer.

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  • Onehp 16 May 2019

    Good to have one° hot hatch estate to choose from without the mandatory 4wd, automatic box and the associated 100kg+ weight penalty. The electronicALLY CONTROLLED limited-slip differential (with Ford calibration) is great news too, as are the separated twin exhaust (instead of the center star wars thing). I passed up on the previous one because of the lack of those two... If I would buy today, it's this one. (With a discount, thanks)

    °Cupra ST no longer available new as manual FWD, pretty sure this one will handle a lot better again out of the box

    Edited by Onehp on Thursday 16th May 10:24

  • HumanSteamroller 16 May 2019

    I think that looks rather nice. Quite enjoy the new Focus styling in general.

  • Hub 16 May 2019

    Sounds like it is a fair bit more practical than my current mk3. Might have to go and have a nose around one when they come out, as it would be perfect for my growing family... except I tend to try different makes etc each time (conflicted!)

    It is good there is a petrol estate option again though, there were early rumours it would be diesel only!

  • ED209 16 May 2019

    I think it needs a 7-8k discount to make it reasonably priced.

  • ED209 16 May 2019

    I think it needs a 7-8k discount to make it reasonably priced.

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