Alpine returns to the Monte - drivers

Renault's teams and cars:
#1: Jean-Vinatier / Jean-François Jacob (A110 1300)
#15: Carlos Tavares / Jean Pascal Dauce (A110 1300)
#18: Jean-Claude Andruet / 'Biche' (A110 1600S)
#21: Alain Serpaggi / Jean-Pierre Prévost (A110 1300)
#36: Jean Ragnotti / Francis Mercier (A110 1800 groupe 4)

Driver biographies:

Carlos Tavares (right) and Jean-Pascal Dauce
Carlos Tavares (right) and Jean-Pascal Dauce
Carlos TAVARES (co-driver: Jean-Pascal DAUCE)
Carlos Tavares has been Renault's Chief Operating Officer since 2011. His passion for motorsport goes back a long way (for 30 years) and he is especially respectful of Alpine's rich heritage.

1997 1st, French Touring Car Championship (Class 2)
1998 1st, French Touring Car Championship (Class 2)
1999 6th, French Touring Car Championship (Class 1)
2000 2nd, French Touring Car Championship (Class B)
2001 3rd, French Touring Car Championship (Promotion category)
2002 2nd, French Circuit Racing Championship (Group A)
2003 2nd, French Circuit Racing Championship (Groups A and D)
2004 1st, French Circuit Racing Championship (Group A)
2005 1st, Modern V2V Sprint Championship (Group A)
2006 3rd, Euroboss Masters
2007 1st, Euroboss Masters
2008 4th, Euroboss Masters
2009 2nd, Euroboss Masters
2010 2nd, Euroboss Masters
2011 3rd, Boss GP Formula
2012 4th, Euro Boss Formula

1973 winner Andruet and co-driver Biche
1973 winner Andruet and co-driver Biche
Jean-Claude ANDRUET (co-driver: 'BICHE')
Jean-Claude Andruet jumped to fame after claiming the Critérium des Aspirants prize in 1965 driving a Renault 8 Gordini. The following year saw him compete in France's 'Coupe Gordini' in addition to a programme of rallies and circuit races.

1967 Joined the Alpine-Renault factory team.
Competed chiefly behind the wheel of a 1300 GT and collected a number of top finishes and group wins in events like the Coupe des Alpes, Critérium des Cévennes and Rallye du Mont-Blanc, etc.
Winner of the Shell Challenge at the end of the season.
1968 1st, French Rally Championship, Tour de Corse, Rallye du Mont-Blanc, etc. (Alpine-Renault).
1st, Le Mans 24 Hours 'Performance Index' with Jean-Pierre Nicolas (Alpine 1,000cc).
1970 1st, European Rally Championship.
1972 1st, Tour de Corse, Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières and Ronde Cévenole.
1973 1st, Rallye Monte-Carlo (Alpine Renault)
Part of Alpine-Renault's World Rally Championship-winning team.

Alain SERPAGGI (co-driver: Jean-Pierre PREVOST)
1970 4th, French Formula Renault Championship
1971 2nd, French Formula Renault Championship
1972 1st, European Formula 3 Championship (Alpine-Renault)
1973 2nd, French Formula 3 Championship
1974 1st, European 2-litre Prototype Drivers' Championship (Alpine-Renault)
8th, Monza 1,000km (Ligier-Maserati)
Formula 2 (ELF 2 BMW)
1975-1995 Driver and development driver with Alpine
1985 1st, French Division 2 Rally Championship (Renault 5 Turbo Tour de Corse)

In addition, participations in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1968 (Alpine A210), 1969 (Alpine A210), 1973 (Ferrari Daytona), 1974 (Ligier-Maserati) and 1989 (ALD-Cosworth).

Renault rallying legend Jean Ragnotti
Renault rallying legend Jean Ragnotti
Jean RAGNOTTI (co-driver: Francis MERCIER)
Jean Ragnotti is a long-serving ambassador for Renault and is particularly loved by the public for the quality of his approach to motor sport.

1969 1st in group, Tour de Corse
1970 2nd, French Rally Championship
1971 1st (Group 2), Rallye Monte-Carlo
1975 2nd, European Formula Renault Championship
1977 1st, French Rallycross Championship (Alpine A310 V6)
1978 2nd, Rallye Monte-Carlo (Group 2 R5 Alpine)
4th, Le Mans 24 Hours (Alpine A442)
1980 1st, French Rally Championship (R5 Alpine and R5 Turbo)
1981-1982 1st, Tour de Corse (R5 Turbo)
1984 1st, French Rally Championship (R5 Turbo)
1985 1st, Tour de Corse, Ypres 24 Hours and Tour de France (Maxi 5 Turbo)
1987 2nd, Drivers' World Rally Championship (R11 Turbo)
1988 1st, French Super Touring Car Championship (R21 Turbo 4x4)
1990 1st, French Group N Rally Championship (R5 GT Turbo)
1991 1st, French 2-litre/2WD Rally Championship
1992 2nd, French Rally Championship
1993 1st, French 2-litre Rally Championship
1994 1st, French 2-litre Rally Championship
1995 1st, Rallye Monte-Carlo (two-wheel drive class)

Jean VINATIER (co-driver: Jean-François JACOB)
Jean Vinatier was Renault's first factory driver. He drove for the make from 1964 until 1971 and his principal victories include the 1964 Tour de Corse in a Renault 8 Gordini. He also won the French Rally Championship in 1969 driving an Alpine A110. His record includes:

1953 1st Sport 500 class, Bol d'Or (Citroën 2CV Barquette)
1958 1st Trophée Total
1959 1st touring car class, Rallye Côte d'Ivoire (Renault Dauphine)
2nd touring car class, Mille Miglia (Renault Dauphine)
1964 1st Tour de Corse (Renault 8 Gordini)
1965 1st Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières (Renault 8 Gordini)
2nd, San Marino Rally (Renault 8 Gordini)
1966 1st Critérium des Cévennes (Alpine-Renault A110)
1967 1st in class, Le Mans 24 Hours (Alpine-Renault A210)
1968 1st Coupe des Alpes, Critérium des Cévennes, Rallye du Vercors-Vivarais and Rally of Czechoslovakia (Alpine-Renault A110)
1969 1st French Rally Championship (Alpine A110)