Ariel Atom 500 Will Cost £120,000

Ariel has told Autocar that its upcoming V8-powered Atom 500 will cost £120,000.

Ariel boss Simon Saunders previously told PH that the company aimed to keep the list price below £135k and, as the car reaches the final stages of development and testing, Ariel appears to have achieved its goal.

While this price still seems pretty astronomical for something so tiny, the Atom 500 will have around 1000bhp per ton available with the aid of its hand-assembled V8, and each individual car is expected to take 4-6 weeks to build.

The cost also covers the upgraded gearbox, brakes, suspension and aerodynamic parts needed to help cope with the massive power hike, and Saunders has previously suggested to PH that a performance handling day will be included in the pricetag to give a similar 'performance upgrade' to the new owner.

Evidently at least 19 people think it's worth the money, as Autocar also reports that only 6 of the 25 build slots for the Atom 500 are still available, ahead of production in the spring.

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  • Insight 11 Nov 2009

    You could argue that this car is the pinnicle of engineering that the old MacLaren F1 was.

    In which case, it's worth every penny.

  • peterattheboro 11 Nov 2009

    I understand the amount of work which has gone into this but still, £120,000 is a hell of a lot of money for some scaffolding and a V8 engine.

    I'm sure some clever geeky car type could build a similar car for a quarter of the price?

  • Mini1275 11 Nov 2009

    I live 5 minutes walk from the factory, might go and have a look in the spring. It looks nuts

  • gj88 11 Nov 2009

    I know this car will be stupidly quick but I cant help but feel that the pricetag is crazy. It will sell of course but 120k?

  • Jonboy_t 11 Nov 2009


    I wouldn't say the pinnacle of engineering though. It's an awesome machine, granted, but there's plenty of enthusiastic car builders that could get hold of some scaffolding and dump a decent V8 into it, probably at a fraction of the cost whereas the Mclaren F1 is, well, a Mclaren F1!

    I won't argue with the fact that it is set to be one hell of a car though!!

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