Bloodhound SSC: engine test

We last wrote about the Bloodhound back in July and Richard Noble told us "we're winning!" Well, right now they're running, the engine firing up for the first time in a hardened missile tunnel in Cornwall. Chris Harris is there as we speak too - best check your ear plugs are in place Chris - it's about to get loud!

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  • Garlick 03 Oct 2012

    Bumping this into the forums as it is about to start....

  • Eric Mc 03 Oct 2012

    Hmmm - do we need another thread?

  • Garlick 03 Oct 2012

    Eric Mc said:
    Hmmm - do we need another thread?
    If we want the live test publicised on the homepage (and this reaching a wider audience) then yes I'm afraid. Sorry if that annoys.

  • Switch 03 Oct 2012

    I'm watching biggrin

    Freaking love rockets!

  • Eric Mc 03 Oct 2012

    I've been watching for the past hour. I even posted a thread in the Motorsport section - which was closed down by a mod because there was already another thread running.

    And guess what happens, a mod opens another thread anyway.

    Maybe I inadvertantly almost scuppered a plan.

    Anyway - the important thing is that people get to see the test.

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