BMW M Division Wants A 1-series M

The next BMW 1-series could spawn a full-house M-sport version, if M division boss, Dr Kay Segler, gets his way.

"The priority right now is a more affordable model underneath the M3," says Dr Segler.

Of course the 302bhp 135i coupe already provides quite a lot of sub-M3 high-performance fun, but a 1-series M could apparently either be aimed a little lower down, towards the Audi S3 corner of the market, or as a harder-edged, more focused alternative to the 135i.

Could it be too much to dream that this might actually mean a stripped-out, lightweight spiritual successor to the original E30 M3? Maybe, but hope springs eternal...

Power should come either from a massaged version of the 135i's twin-turbo or, more likely, from a high-performance version of that engine's successor, the new twin-scroll, single turbo TwinPower motor. Either way, expect a power output of around 330bhp.

And the name? There's one obvious choice, but we can't imagine BMW reviving the hallowed M1 moniker for anything other than a proper mid-engined supercar...

We won't find out whether BMW will come good on the 1-series M idea for a while, however - the new 1-series isn't due for a couple of years yet, and an M version would take a couple of years longer still to hit the showroom.

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  • Dr G 16 Nov 2009

    Dear M division - please please please please please please please remove about 300 kilos from the kerb weight of this big-little fatarse.

  • adycav 16 Nov 2009

    A hard-core, lighter version of the 135i retaining the decent brakes and having a few select BMW Performance bits (seats, exhaust) could be a very good car indeed.

    Edit to add - I prefer N/A cars (especially for my 'M' cars) but I think we have to accept that those days are gone - the quest for better mpg/emissions has led to that.

    Edited by adycav on Monday 16th November 11:42

    Edited by adycav on Monday 16th November 11:42

  • Stevesh 16 Nov 2009

    I liked that si version that was suggested a year or so ago. Light, 2000bhp ish and cheap enough to buy in the real world!


  • DJC 16 Nov 2009

    DJC's dream BMW...a 1M coupe CSL. Gimme some little front wing edges and a batmobile rear wing.

    I will be happy. Very happy.

  • ZOLLAR 16 Nov 2009

    I'd love to see a proper M claass 1 series!
    I'd also like to see BMW do a concept for a Mid engined supercar again possibly under the M1 badge again even if they didnt do it (current economical climate) it would still be nice to revive it
    i dont think the original M1 got enough credit!!

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