BMW's M diesels: the official details

BMW has finally revealed the full details of its forthcoming range of diesel M cars, the first to come under the new 'M Performance Automobiles' banner and the first to get BMW's new extra-torquey tri-turbo diesel engines.

No M5 touring for now but you can have a 550d
No M5 touring for now but you can have a 550d
First to arrive will be the £60,325 BMW X5 M50d and the £62,260 BMW X6 M50d, which both land in Blighty in June, while the M550d and M550d Touring (praise be - an M-badged 5-series wagon!!) launches in October.

All the diesel Ms will get the same version of the new treble-turbo Twinpower 3.0-litre straight-six diesel, an M-developed powerplant that effortlessly outpunches any previous diesel efforts from Bee-Em.

The key stats you'll need to remember for pub-talk ammo are 381hp, 545lb ft of torque (between 2,000 and 3,000rpm). Which is pretty impressive - and even more so when you consider that the 5-series version emits just 165g/km of CO2, the same as the 535d, but with almost 70hp more to offer.

Tri-turbo engine also in facelifted X6
Tri-turbo engine also in facelifted X6
That power and torque translates, via an eight-speed automatic gearbox, to 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds for the X5 and 5.3 seconds for the X6, while the M550d will manage the same sprint in 4.7 seconds for the saloon and 4.9 seconds for the Touring.

The diesel side of things, meanwhile, combines with BMW's now familiar Efficient Dynamics gubbins (stop-start, brake energy regeneration, etc) to provide impressive fuel economy figures. BMW claims 37.7mpg on the combined cycle for the X5, with the X6 managing 36.7mpg. The 5-series manages 44.7mpg in saloon form and 44.1mpg in estate shape.

Talking of xDrive, we understand that the M550d will only be available as the four-wheel-drive M550d xDrive model. Since BMW won't sell a 4wd 5-series in the UK, that means it'll be for left-hook continetal Europeans only.

X5 also gets the mighty new diesel
X5 also gets the mighty new diesel
To justify the use of the hallowed M badge there are some dynamic tweaks too, with bespoke chassis settings, steering ratios and even some chassis bits and bobs taken from full-on M models.

Inside, bespoke stainless steel sill plates, leather-bound dashboards and M steering wheels and seats smarten up the ambience, while mild exterior styling tweaks set the cars apart from ordinary BMWs.

If you want to delve truly deeply into the nitty-gritty of the new M diesels' specs, please do so here.

M bits liven up 550d interior
M bits liven up 550d interior
Magic concealed beneath dull plastic cover
Magic concealed beneath dull plastic cover

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  • fishman 26 Jan 2012

    Lovely I definitely want one! Will have to wait until the touring 550d comes out biggrin

    Edited by fishman on Thursday 26th January 11:29

  • arkenphel 26 Jan 2012

    Mein gott, the 5 series saloon is just as quick as my M3 to 62mph. And 44+ mpg it's a sad day indeed. Every fecker in an M550d will want to race the M5 now, it's not much slower! And the diesel will win any long distance race too.

    No slippy dif? I guess the 'proper' M cars need an edge over their diesel siblings...

  • k15tox 26 Jan 2012

    i sense this thread will spark great debate......

  • Chrisw666 26 Jan 2012

    25 pages.

  • ndj 26 Jan 2012

    "new treble-turbo Twinpower 3.0-litre straight-six diesel"

    Best start saving for the warranty you'll need in three years time.

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