Bugatti confirms Chiron 'Divo'

Yep, it's just a picture of some embroidery for now. Absolutely nothing else. But just the prospect of a faster, more focused, more athletic Bugatti Chiron is enough to push the right buttons at PH, so forgive us for telling you already.

Because despite the promise of "strong design language" and a commitment to "thrill people throughout the world", Bugatti hasn't yet shown any hint of what a Chiron Il Divo might look like. Some important numbers have been revealed, though, including a 40-car production run and a list price of - brace yourselves - £4.42m. Rather a lot more than even a 'standard' £2.5m W16 Chiron.

Autocar believes that power will remain unchanged, however, with 1,500hp remaining from the 8.0-litre engine. Sort of did the job alright before, didn't it? Instead expect performance gains for the Diva to come from lighter body panels, increased downforce, more aggressive suspension and stickier tyres - your typical track day fare, if not your typical donor car.


"Happiness is not around the corner. It is the corner. The Divo is made for corners" said Stephen Winkelmann, adding that this car as allowed the Molsheim team "an opportunity to interpret the brand DNA in terms of agile, nimble handling in a significantly more performance-orientated way." It sounds a more serious prospect for drivers than the record attempt Chiron Sport from Geneva, even if specifics are still to follow.

There isn't too long to wait, however, as the Chiron Divo - named after old Bugatti racer Albert Divo - is set to make its debut at Pebble Beach next month. While it doesn't sound quite as motorsport-centric as something like a Senna GTR, Autocar has speculated about a possible Nurburgring lap record with the uber Chiron. Watch this space...

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  • devnull 10 Jul 2018

    Here come the special editions! They’ll have more special editions than MX5s ever had.

  • J4CKO 10 Jul 2018

    Now got "Whip it", going through my head.

  • Pericoloso 10 Jul 2018

    Any of these with more than 2000 miles on will be unsellable.

    The unused ones will be straight to classifieds and Tom Hartley for 5M.

  • Gecko1978 10 Jul 2018

    back in the 90s when McLaren had the F1 Jaguar the xj220, ferrari the f50 and bugatti the EB110 I dreamed of a lotto win to buy one....this on the otherhand just does not do it for me. Sure its amazing out of this world even I just don't feel the passion I do for say the 918 or La Ferrari etc.

    Saying that I did like the look of the chiron sport in red from a few months back...all academic as my next car will be 25k or less lol

  • rare6499 10 Jul 2018

    Should be quite quick then.

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