Bugatti Crashes Into Saltwater Lagoon

Good as a car, bad as a boat
Good as a car, bad as a boat
An American Bugatti Veyron owner has proved that the world's fastest supercar does not make an effective speedboat, after driving his hypercar into a saltwater lagoon near Galveston in Texas.

The owner (who apparently wished to remain anonymous - surprise, surprise) was distracted by a low-flying Pelican (we hate it when that happens) as he was heading north on Interstate 45.

As a result, the hapless fellow jerked the wheel, dropped his mobile and the car veered onto the muddy verge before plunging into the lagoon and coming to rest in approximately two feet of salty water.

The car's engine then ran for a quarter of an hour before finally dying. The man escaped with no injuries except those to his pride and, if you look at the state of the car in the video (below) after it has been removed from the water, his wallet.

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  • bullies180 12 Nov 2009


  • ivanj 12 Nov 2009

    Why keep the engine running?

  • TheArchitect 12 Nov 2009

    ivanj said:
    Why keep the engine running?
    exactly what i was thinking!

    THE CHAINS AROUND THE WHEELS! guess there isnt a toe point anywhere then!

    Edited by TheArchitect on Thursday 12th November 14:00

  • GKP 12 Nov 2009


  • bikemonster 12 Nov 2009

    If you look carefully at the pic you can see the problem.

    It's flooded.


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