Carlsson Injects Some Beef Into E-class Cab

Mercedes tweaker Carlsson has released details of its latest tuning package - for the Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Cabriolet.

Now, a turbodiesel Mercedes cabrio might not be everybody's performance cup of tea but, at the risk of pandering to gender stereotypes, it would at least provide you with some fast(ish) fun should the Missus insist on one.

A new ECU is at the heart of the changes, bringing a 21 per cent jump in power (to 276bhp) and a similar jump in torque (which goes up to a distinctly chunky 478lb ft).

Other optional modifications include a pair of stainless steel tail pipes to give the car a bit of a growl (can you make a diesel sound nice?) and 30mm lowering springs.

Carlsson is also offering a surprisingly tasteful range of body adornments, including a subtle front spoiler and discreet (well, discreet-ish) bootlid spoiler and alloys that range from a sensible 16-in affair to a rather more silly 20 inches.

Interior niceties include a leather-and-Alcantara gear selector, aluminium door accents, suede floor mats, and aluminium pedals.


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Comments (22) Join the discussion on the forum

  • adycav 16 Jul 2010

    Looks pretty good.

    Do Carlsson tinker with the E500 I wonder?

    (as there's no AMG E Coupe coming)

  • alolympic 16 Jul 2010

    4 seater convertibles made out of Euro saloons, and diesel vomit

    Edited by alolympic on Friday 16th July 12:02

  • StevenAldridge 16 Jul 2010

    That doesn't look that bad. Usually german tuners stick far too much fibreglass on for my liking.

    I'd let the Mrs have one wink

  • Lunja 16 Jul 2010

    It makes a good GT car - sure it's not exciting as the more traditional petrol GT's, but if you're doing regular long runs it would make sense to have the practicality of a larger car and the frugality of a diesel but wrapped in a slightly more attracive package. Although on looks alone I'd have to take a BMW635d instead...

  • Remagel2507 16 Jul 2010

    Looks pretty good actually, had a 2010 E350 CDI last weekend and the engine was very nice. One thing though the cab does look slightly stupid with that air deflector thingy up

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