Caterham beats Koenigsegg?

A quick lap from a Dunlop test driver in a Caterham CSR260 has broken the Stig’s Top Gear track record and ousted the Koenigsegg CCX from its place at the top - according to Dunlop.

The 250-horsepower Caterham was shod with Dunlop track-day tyres and beat supercars such as the Maserati MC12, Pagani Zonda F and Ferrari F60 Enzo in a triumphant day at Dunsfold.

The former top power lap time held by the Koenigsegg CCX was 1:17:06 before the Caterham piled in with a result of 1:17:04.

Dunlop communications manager, James Bailey said: “Our track-day tyres are designed to offer drivers more precise handling and ultimate feedback so that they can push their limits. We were over the moon to hear that Dunlop Tyres played a part in taking the power lap top spot.”

Footage from the lap at Dunsfold can now been in the ‘Thrills’ section of Dunlop’s

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  • ohopkins 23 Oct 2006

    .200 of a second is not really representative though. At that margin its down to what the driver had for breakfast.

  • FourWheelDrift 23 Oct 2006

    Driven by Dunlop's development driver who knows the limits of the tyres too?

  • MartinMGBGTSV8 23 Oct 2006

    I'd suggest its the kind of margin that could simply put it down to a good driver at the wheel. However, it is pretty obvious that a Caterham lightweight with an extra 50 horses or so would beat the Koeniggsegggg by enough of a margin toput it beyond doubt.

    Do bear in mind that these track day tyres need to be street legal for any of this to count.

    Still, its a mega achievement for British engineering.

  • D4V KC 23 Oct 2006

    And were the "track day tyre's" available O.E. or even road legal. I suspect the supercars tested were all on the usual rubber they're sold with? And surely the record would have to be broken by The Stig as he's the driver of all timed laps that go on the board. Did they let Stggy have a go?

  • AndrewD 23 Oct 2006

    Didn't they have a radical with a 1.16 on road legal tyres before they realised setting these sorts of cars on the timed test wasn't really in the spirit of the thing?

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