C'Etait Un Rendezvous

If you are reading this, chances are you know all about this film, and even if you haven’t seen it you’ve probably heard the folklore. Did it actually happen, what car was it, was the driver anyone we know and was there any post-edits to make it look faster than it was? It was even banned in 1976, and you can't get cooler than that.

We don’t care much about all that and when you watch it we recommend you forget the rumours and immerse yourself in what has been lauded as the best car film ever made. Ronin is good, Bullitt is great but this is right up there with the best.

Spirit Level Film are offering the legendary film on limited edition Blu-ray (normal DVD format is also available) and they have kindly offered PHers the opportunity to buy a copy with a special PistonHeads discount of £5.00 off the rrp. To claim all you need to do is type PISTONHEADS into the code box at the checkout.

Browse the DVD order page here, and take a look at the Blu-Ray version here.

If you haven't heard of the film you can get a brief taster here

Offer ends midnight on Sunday August 11.

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  • Fastdruid 08 Aug 2013

    Get a brief taster here?

    I get "Sorry, that page cannot be found"

  • moanthebairns 08 Aug 2013

    £20 even with the £5er off seriously...for a ten minute film........ive got in the house and ive watched it once, mind you I got it for free.

    a 2 second google shows it for sale for £12 elsewhere...........

    Edited by moanthebairns on Thursday 8th August 15:42

    fking aye-phone.

    while I'm moaning, any chance ph could make a more friendly aye-phone browser as its a nightmare to post and edit of it. it usually fails with a lengthy post as well.

    Edited by moanthebairns on Thursday 8th August 15:52

  • S. Gonzales Esq. 08 Aug 2013

    Given that the engine noise is fake anyway, you might as well watch the music video version.

  • GT2CS 08 Aug 2013

    yep engine noise overlaid. I got it free from youtube a few years ago until they pulled it.

  • MiseryStreak 08 Aug 2013

    CarAndDriver said:
    "Better than any chase scene ever filmed, because it's real!"
    Except it wasn't real (sped up with a fake soundtrack) and nothing was being chased. Fail.

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