Chris Harris video: Mercedes SLS GT

Very soon, the Mercedes SLS will not simply be a single car, but a range of cars. The coupe and roadsterwe already know about, but this new GT version with an extra 20hp and some other tweaks will be joined by the Black Series and Electric Drive versions in 2013.

Just lobbing yourself onto a track, in this case Hockenheim, and being told that the GT version has a little more power and more support from stiffer springs and a new electronic damper brain isn't the best way to tell the difference between it and the new car.

One aspect of the GT which is immediately apparent is the new gearbox mapping - it finally releases the instant shifts the standard car failed to deliver at launch in 2010.

It's been around a while now, but I just wanted to get some video footage of the SLS before the end of 2012. The car drips with character, and that normally aspirated 6.2 V8 is one of the great road engines - even if the extra 20hp is hard to identify. Is it worth around £12K over the standard car? If you want to drive it like a lunatic - yes.

Enjoy the vid, and then go trawling the classifieds for used SLSs - some bargains to be had. Accepting that 'bargain' is being used in the broadest possible sense.



P.H. O'meter

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  • Bash Brannigan 28 Nov 2012

    Wooooonderful! Is the gearbox a different unit and if not can the old one be upgraded to act like this one? I remember CH running one in EVO and it just looked ace. WANT!

  • cerb4.5lee 28 Nov 2012

    Great video Chris thanks, I do love the sound of that motor & the doors are a nice talking point too, love the sliding as always smile

  • RockDoctor 28 Nov 2012

    That very last burble as it goes past around 5:29 is lovely.

  • The Pits 28 Nov 2012

    Amazing car I'm sure. Would love to try one.

    Still can't work out why it's so ugly.

    The original SLS is ball-acheingly beautiful.

    Sure, it's a tough act to follow but Ford rebooted their iconic GT40 successfully, so how did it all go so pete tong?


  • Stuart 28 Nov 2012

    The Pits said:
    Still can't work out why it's so ugly.

    The original SLS is ball-acheingly beautiful.
    Passenger impact regs I reckon. The requirement for sufficient clearance between bonnet and engine block gives you a bonnet line (and specifically height) from which the rest of the car must be drawn, and be in proportion with. As a result you get an all round bigger car with more cartoonish dimensions. The driver's seat is particularly far back in the SLS (you feel as if you're sat between the rear wheels, US muscle car style) and you still need a boot, so it can't get away with a pretty rear end either.

    They shrink around you though, these cars. I spent a very long day in one, and by the end of it the car felt far smaller than it actually is. I've none of CH's skill or experience behind the wheel but it went from being a rather intimidating GT to being really quite chuckable and flattering.

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