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Clarkson upsets bus drivers

Gauntlet thrown down: "you try driving one"

By / Monday, June 19, 2006

"You try it"

"You try it"

We don't generally report on motoring's loosest mouth, the one owned by one J Clarkson, but on this occasion we'll make an exception.

He has upset the bus drivers. He attacked bus drivers as "little Hitler bastards" and said they should be "shot in the face" if they didn't let cars go first in his Sun newspaper column; for non-UK residents, the Sun is a popular, populist, tabloid newspaper.

The bus drivers, in the shape of union representatives from the TGWU, responded that he should try driving a bus in a busy city in the UK "on a bus driver's pay and hours, living in the average bus driver's accommodation." The union's national organiser said he'd arrange it if Clarkson -- who said he wanted to be seen as "the people's champion" -- agreed to it.

But would anyone let him behind the wheel of a live bus carrying real passengers? We believe that JC has yet to pick up the gauntlet.

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