Corvette Stingray convertible leaked?

The recent reveal of Chevrolet’s new Corvette Stingray has prompted a flurry of interest from media pundits and enthusiasts alike. Reaction to the new car’s looks has been mixed, with many loving the sharper, more aggressive new look, but others saying it feels too much like a cross between a Ferrari, a Viper, a Camaro and a Nissan GT-R (delete as applicable).

Drophead 'Vette: even better than the coupe?
Drophead 'Vette: even better than the coupe?
Things are only going to get more interesting, though, as the convertible version appears to have been leaked online. Pictures of the ragtop ’Vette have been spotted, of all places, on the website of model car manufacturer Maisto, and while that’s obviously not the first port of call for most of our news stories, it’s quite likely that Maisto was furnished with pictures of the ’Vette ’vert  pre-launch so that the company could get cracking on licensed models. Having said that, GM has been quick to deny that these are official images. Which, of course, they would if they were hoping to build up to the convertible’s launch the way they did with the coupe.

It seems likely that this version of the Corvette will share the coupe’s running gear, so it should get the same 6.2-litre LT1 V8 that we first told you about back in 2012. So, 450hp, 450lb ft, and a 0-60 time, therefore, just below the four-second mark. No word yet on whether the convertible version will retain the coupe’s much-vaunted 50:50 weight balance, though.

 So, what do we think, then? Does the convertible take the rakish lines of the coupe and turn them into something even better, or is it the poseurs’ version of an American icon that’s lost the plot?

[Source: The Auto Insider]

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  • pits 17 Jan 2013

    I personally think it looks disgusting.

  • DonkeyApple 17 Jan 2013

    I think I prefer the tin top but regardless, it does look like the Septics are making some better looking cars than many of the Europeans in this arena.

  • mackie1 17 Jan 2013

    The C6 convertible never looked that great with the hood up, will be interesting to see if they've improved the hood design on this one.

  • Krikkit 17 Jan 2013

    Looks great with the hood down, but what are they like to drive? Noticeably softer and blobbier than the hardtop?

  • mackie1 17 Jan 2013

    Krikkit said:
    Looks great with the hood down, but what are they like to drive? Noticeably softer and blobbier than the hardtop?
    Check out the chassis for the hard top:

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