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Cosworth Peugeot 205 | Reader's Car of the Week

How to make a 1.1-litre 205 more interesting? 500hp ought to do it...

By Dafydd Wood / Saturday, February 22, 2020

What quality do you find most attractive in a car? Performance? Style? Heritage? A personal touch? For PHer 'Caddyshack' the question is moot, his stunning Cosworth 205 boasting all of those things and more. Originally powered by a 1.1-litre motor putting out a measly 61hp and 65lb ft of torque, this one-of-a-kind 205 received a second lease on life when it was converted into something altogether more intriguing by JDMotorsport.

Implanting a 2.0-litre Sapphire Cosworth turbo four-pot and its associated five-speed all-wheel drive transmission would be enough for most people. But throw in a smorgasbord of upgrades including a new diff, fully-adjustable dampers, ventilated discs and callipers, and a T16 widebody kit and what do you have? A good starting point for a project, apparently.

Having achieved fame in a mid-nineties Max Power feature, both Caddyshack and its previous owner have contributed to the Cossie 205's considerable improvement since. The 350hp centrefold now outputting over 500hp and 530lb ft. Now the thread, which began way back in 2014, has sprung back into life with a series of much anticipated updates on the cards. This is one we'll certainly be following with interest...


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