Detroit show: Bentley Continental GT V8

The new Bentley Continental GT and GTC V8 models have made their in-the-metal debuts at the Detroit motor show.

Although the cars have already been subject to scrutiny both in these virtual pages and elsewhere, this is the first time the new 'entry-level' models have been seen by the public.

Entry-level? Yes, because although most car manufacturers would consider a twin-turbo V8 with 507hp and 487lb ft of torque to be a range-topper, the new Benters in fact sits below the storming 6.0-litre W12 models, which continue to be offered.

The Conti V8 is also the closest that Bentley has yet got to an eco model, offering a range of 500 miles on a single tank. A very big tank, given that even though it's 40 per cent more efficient it still only manages 21mpg. Polo Bluemotions have nothing to worry about just yet...

You can read more about the spec of the new cars in more detail in our previous story on the new Bentley continental GT V8 here

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Comments (32) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Stew2000 10 Jan 2012

    I can see them selling many. The Continental GT is popular enough already.

  • pistonpie 10 Jan 2012

    looks like something barbie would drive with those awful wheels...have to admit I quite like these though

  • Escort Si-130 10 Jan 2012

    Hmm so you like Barbie then. Do you still play with the dolls, lol.
    Anyway, car does look nice; even the wheels. Although chrome wheels are nice when new, but after some years its horrible when they start to corrode.

    pistonpie said:
    looks like something barbie would drive with those awful wheels...have to admit I quite like these though

  • Stew2000 10 Jan 2012

    One of my local Continental GT drivers is a woman. not sure how that fits into this topic.

  • herebebeasties 10 Jan 2012

    The original article on this said:
    The new models will be distinguished from their 12-cylinder brethren by black grilles, red badges and 'figure eight' exhaust pipes
    Only the photo has neither black grilles nor a red badge on the nose. Looks like the front air dam intakes are for the W12 model, too:

    I thought Bentley traditionally reserved their red badges for their "cooking" versions. Or is it just models with a turbo?

    Edited by herebebeasties on Tuesday 10th January 13:02

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