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European Touring Cars 1986: Time For Tea?

The entire '86 season, reviewed and recorded for your afternoon (and probably weekend) viewing pleasure

By Matt Bird / Friday, November 28, 2014

In there amongst the cats, the 'singers' and the iPhone 6 bend tests on YouTube there are some fantastic car videos. Actually, there are enough terrible automotive films too but, on occasion, you stumble across a true gem.

This is one of them. It's the season review of the 1986 European Touring Car Championship and it is, in a word, brilliant. The upload appears to be from a VHS but the quality is OK. Yes, it's 90 minutes long but that just gives you the excuse to watch it over the weekend too. Fortunately the uploader has posted links to each race in the description so if you are pushed for time you can select your favourite few minutes. But you will want to watch all of it.

Look at the cars first: Bastos Rover SD1s, Sierras, M635 CSi BMWs, guest Holden appearances and Volvo 240 Turbos. And that's just Class A. The circuits read like a 'best of' from throughout Europe, the championship visiting Spa, Monza, Silverstone, the Nurburgring, Brno and Estoril in a 14-round season. Half an hour could have probably been spent reviewing each round.

Anyway, it's everything you might expect. There are old touring cars in iconic liveries, legendary drivers, noise, oversteer, controversy and some great tin-top racing throughout. I won't reveal the championship winner here as I don't actually know and want to watch the whole thing over the weekend.

[Pic: LAT]

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