Expect Higher Repair And Servicing Bills

What with the credit crunch and rising fuel and motoring costs, we're about to be hit with another rise when we service our cars.

The EU planned changes mean car manufacturers will no longer be forced to provide parts and computer codes to independent garages so they can carry out repairs on the vehicles.

Instead motorists will have to have their cars fixed at the manufacturer's dealership workshops, where charges are up to 40 per cent more.

The average hourly charge at an independent garage is £55.63 compared to £94.70 at a dealership garage, according to recent figures.

David Gerrans, of insurance firm Warranty Direct, said: "It would be a disaster."

On top of this thousands of motorists will be facing higher road tax bills from next year too.

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  • lodgy 10 Sep 2008

    this is a joke!!
    my dads has his own garage and has done all his life. he works hard and is good at what he does including bodywork. this is a real kick in the teeth for people like him!

  • McReis 10 Sep 2008

    It can only be done if we accept it without reaction. Get violent if that's what it takes, but just don't let some ass in a suit tell you where and for how much you will service your car.
    EU is starting to sound like a pretty sick system.

  • La Bollocks 10 Sep 2008

    EU directive by directive, people are realising what the EU is really about. That is suporting the existence of Brussels and all of the beaurocrats with their lavish expense accounts. It has changed from a trading organisation to a 'Mother Russia' and can only get worse. What made the EU decide to take away fair competition, corruption of course, there will be a lot of sticky EU fingers in the motor manufacturers pie for sure.

    Generally, small specialist garages offer excellent skill sets and value for money. They have to, as their turnover is dependant on their reputation. Anyone car owner like me (thousands) that has been ripped off by a main dealer service or repair should write to their MP.

  • Skyedriver 10 Sep 2008

    La bks said:
    should write to their MP.
    who despite being elected by YOU is looking to protect his own job and will therefore walk all over you whilst smiling and kissing your baby

  • loadofcods 10 Sep 2008

    Acts againist the EUSSR will not be tolerated, socialism knows what is best for you...

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