Facelifted Audi R8 - details and pricing

As facelifts go the one applied to the R8 range isn’t what you’d call the most dramatic. Go on, without looking at the pics or reading any further name three possible updates to the car…

Round exhaust trims for all models now
Round exhaust trims for all models now
If you said “revised headlights, slight tweaks to the front and rear bumpers and a small cut in CO2” you obviously know the way these things work. Oh, not forgetting the inevitable price premium too of course. That’s not been confirmed for the UK yet but German prices have and when the revised R8 reaches European customers by the end of the year they’ll be paying an additional 2,500 euros on the V8 coupe and 7,500 euros on the V10. Expect comparable increases on UK cars. (See below for UK pricing, now confirmed - Ed.)

What do you get for the extra money? Well, revised headlights, slight tweaks to the front and rear bumpers and- oh, we already said that didn’t we! Mechanical alterations are minor, bar one significant change.

R8 V10 Plus brings 550hp and extra carbon
R8 V10 Plus brings 550hp and extra carbon
It’s a belated and not especially fond farewell to the R tronic automated manual and long-awaited, and not especially surprising, adoption of a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch unit if you don’t want the clickety-clack gated manual six-speed. The latter is standard on V8s and optional on V10s, which get the dual-clutch as standard.

As significant as the move from Tiptronic to PDK on 911s, this now makes two-pedal R8s an acceptable choice.

As well as (hopefully) shifting within 30 seconds of when you might actually want it to the new S tronic transmission improves acceleration times by a not inconsiderable three tenths on the V8, 0-62mph now 4.3 seconds while the manual remains at 4.6 seconds. And it’s the same on the V10, the manual staying at 3.9 seconds and S tronic now 3.6 seconds. Manuals remain a fraction faster at the top end though. 

New LED headlights standard on all models
New LED headlights standard on all models
Spec sheet braggarts will, however, be even more impressed with the new R8 V10 Plus which gains all the fancy carbon trimmings Quattro GmbH can throw at it, a power hike to 550hp and 398lb ft from the 525hp and 390lb ft of standard V10s and weighs just 10kg more (1,570kg) than a base V8 manual coupe. 0-62mph comes up in 3.6 seconds and it'll hit 196mph, the manual 3.8 seconds and 198mph.

In Germany it’ll cost 173,200 euros, 18,600 euros more than a standard V10 coupe. It’s not available as a Spider and though it comes with S tronic as standard it can be specced with a manual gearbox if you want. This, at a stroke, delivers much of the limited edition R8GT experience (less 10hp) while answering the major criticism of that car being an R tronic only deal.

Revised diffuser style rear bumper
Revised diffuser style rear bumper
Prices have now been announced and can be found below; deliveries of the facelifted cars are expected to start early next year.






Following the initial announcement Audi UK has confirmed pricing for the refreshed R8 range - details below.

4.2 FSI (V8) Coupe (manual) £91,575
4.2 FSI (V8) Coupe (S tronic) £94,475
5.2 FSI (V10) Coupe (manual) £112,675
5.2 FSI (V10) Coupe (S tronic) £115,575
5.2 FSI (V10 plus) Coupe (manual) £124,675
5.2 FSI (V10 plus) Coupe (S tronic) £127,575
4.2 FSI (V8) Spyder (manual) £100,225
4.2 FSI (V8) Spyder (S tronic) £103,125
5.2 FSI (V10) Spyder (manual) £121,325
5.2 FSI (V10) Spyder (S tronic) £124,225



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  • WMP 25 Jul 2012

    Its getting slightly long in the tooth now but these changes only cement its position as the enthusiasts entry level super car of choice since Porsche wrecked the 911's steering/noise/soul.

  • toppstuff 25 Jul 2012

    Existing R8 owners will be relieved. I expected the updated R8 to have more radical changes than this. Seems like a nice used R8 manual is still going to hold some decent residuals.

  • kambites 25 Jul 2012

    Nice to see that they still offer a proper manual gearbox.

    Not a very interesting update, though. I doubt I'd even notice it had changed if I saw one of them on the road.

  • LuS1fer 25 Jul 2012

    That is even less interesting than imperceptible revisions to 911s.

  • arkenphel 25 Jul 2012

    So far so good. It's the only Audi (apart from the previous RS4) that actually excites me when I look at it! Why can't all Audis be like this dynamically?

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