Ferrari FXX breaks cover

Ferrari FXX - not just a car
Ferrari FXX - not just a car
Ferrari has unveiled the FXX at the Bologna Motor Show. Big Red reckoned that the limited edition prototype -- only 29 have been built -- "is the most technologically advanced GT car ever to emerge from Maranello". The track-only car comes with a development programme attached to the price tag "as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme featuring the first ever group of client test drivers. The FXX has not been homologated for road use or racing."

Ferrari said that the FXX will provide the basic framework on which the specifics of future extreme models will be developed.

The Enzo-based FXX delivers blistering performance, powered by an imposing 6.3-litre V12 developing over 800bhp at 8,500 rpm. The gearbox is the result of the transfer of F1 technology and delivers gearchange times of under 100 milliseconds -- almost as fast as F1 cars. The FXX has a dry weight of 1,155 kg with a power-weight ratio of 1.44Kg/hp, and completed a lap of Fiorano, Ferrari's F1 test track, in under 1:18. Ferrari didn't quote precise performance figures, but it's probably a bit peaky...

The FXX delivers a 40 per cent increase in downforce compared to the Enzo and runs on a specially developed Bridgestone 19-inch slick tyres, while Brembo created a special brake pad and cooling system for the 398mm ceramic discs. Its telemetry system monitors and provides feedback in real time. The instrument panel is specifically designed for the FXX and incorporates a new data acquisition system. A video camera is also installed on the roof of each of the cars, pointing towards the rear, with a special TFT display on the dash removing the need for rear view mirrors.

Not just a car

The FXX package also includes participation in a series of 14 track events organised by Ferrari on various international-level circuits over the coming two years in Europe, North America and Japan (meetings at Spa and the Nürburgring have already been confirmed for 2006). On these occasions, an official team of technicians will be on hand to provide any assistance and support required by the drivers. In addition, owners can take their cars on-track independently during private sessions and leave the car at Maranello while not in use. The car will then be transported directly by Ferrari to the scheduled events.

Each FXX also includes an advanced driving course at Fiorano with tuition provided by professional drivers. Seat and pedals are individually moulded for each driver, and there's be a shakedown run followed by a training session to introduce drivers to test driving methodologies. The first FXXs were delivered in mid-November and the last will be with their owners by the end of April next year. The FXX and the relative package cost a total of €1.5 million. Applications to join the programme were evaluated by an in-house committee.

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  • billb 06 Dec 2005

    did they buy up the old zonda's spare rear wings?!

  • Rob Ustly 06 Dec 2005

    It's on the cover of this month's CAR magazine, with a ten page feature inside.

  • dvs_dave 06 Dec 2005

    ...."the committee" decided that I wasn't suitable to join "the programme".

    I told them that I didn't want their stupid car anyway!!

  • m1spw 06 Dec 2005

    Theres one for sale in the classifieds.

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    >> Edited by m1spw on Monday 5th December 12:18

  • eein 06 Dec 2005

    Does anyone know if anyone notable has bough one / been invited to buy one?

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