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There can't have been many car shows in recent times where a 1977 Morris Marina 1.3 Estate has won the top prize; still, as those who have attended the past five will attest, the Festival of the Unexceptional is not your usual car show...

Held at Claydon House in Buckinghamshire over the weekend, FOTU celebrates all those fantastically ordinary cars that have largely been forgotten thanks to changing tastes, fashions and, well, scrappage schemes. Thousands attended the "hurrah for the humdrum", with prizes awarded for particularly notable cars. As well as the Marina, they included a People's Choice award for Simon Gaisford's Peugeot 305 SR Estate - one of just seven left in the UK - the Citroen BX 19 DTR of Dan Goff that won the Junior Judges Choice, and an Anniversary Class triumph for David Loasby's Astra GL.

Here we have a gallery featuring a few of our favourites, including a Rover 820E, a Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0i CD, a Ford Cortina 2.0L and even a Nissan Sunny. Check out the Yugo cabriolet, too... Plenty to feast the eyes on this Monday morning then, and hopefully next year will be even bigger and better still. If any PHers attended and have pictures to share, we'd love to see them!

P.H. O'meter

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  • Mr Teddy Bear 22 Jul 2019

    That's a very nice looking R8, Tempest Grey makes a perfect match with BRG.

  • AndySA 22 Jul 2019

    Love the care and attention these cars are getting.

  • Limpet 22 Jul 2019

    I love this. Every single one of these littered the bargain cars section of Autotrader for many years, or could be found under the bunting of a backstreet car lot with 'good runner' and '£395' in lairy coloured stickers on the windscreen.

    Bought for peanuts, driven into the ground, thrown away. By the tens of thousands.

    I wouldn't have given many of these cars the time of day when they were common and plentiful, but I find myself quite partial to a nice, preserved, standard example of pretty much anything, however awful or just plain forgettable it was when new.

  • skylarking808 22 Jul 2019

    Looks like a bad dream from my past.....

    Seriously though, good to see these survivors getting some respect/love. That Cortina looks minty

  • Pericoloso 22 Jul 2019

    I went to this for the first time,there was a few other PHers too from the thread in events forum.

    Innocenti C coupe,one of my favourite cars there.

    Because orange.

    Did the photographer in the article not spot any PH smilies ?.......irked

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