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Finally | The full ID.R 6min 05secs lap - onboard

Volkswagen has heard us and responded - here's the full ID.R lap from the hot seat...

By PH Staff / Friday, June 07, 2019

UPDATE - 07.06.19

We've had the piecemeal video - now for the real thing, from start to finish. 'Nuff said.

 No bones about it: beating Stefan Bellof's 1983 lap record is an astounding achievement. None of us doubted that the ID.R would crack the 6:45.9 set by Peter Dumbreck in the NIO EP9 in 2017 - because that was a (sort of) production car and Volkswagen's all-electric racing concept certainly isn't. But to dip under the 6:11.1 that Bellof achieved at the wheel of the Porsche 956 is remarkable. Lest we forget, the record stood for 35 years until Porsche shattered it with the 919 Evo.

The ID.R's distance from that car's 5:19.5 lap is notable, of course - but Volkswagen would never have targeted the trick LMP1 hybrid's time because it is in a different league from almost anything you'd care to imagine. Instead it is likely that the team were hoping to break the 6-minute mark (not least because the director of motorsport told PH that the car's simulated time was slightly quicker than the one Romain Dumas actually laid down). Regardless, the new EV record is likely to stand for a while.

As with Pikes Peak, Volkswagen Motorsport doesn't seem to inclined to give us unfiltered onboard footage of the lap right out of the gate (despite it being the way that every other manufacturer on earth does it) so the first official video is a slight mixed bag. But the bits you do see from a camera positioned ahead of Dumas does give you some idea of the astonishing speed being summoned up by the ID.R - made even more hyper-real by the ghostly whine which accompanies it. You'll have heard sweeter Nurburgring laps, sure - but only one quicker. Kudos, VW.

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