First Official Pics: New BMW 6 Series

These images reveal the shape of the next-generation BMW M6 for the very first time prior to the new model's unveiling - albeit in concept form - at the Paris motor show next month.

Called the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé, the newcomer has classic BMW coupe styling cues, including a long bonnet, short front overhang, a passenger compartment that is set well back, a long wheelbase and a low-profile silhouette with a dynamically flowing roofline. So it's a bit like the old one then, only much prettier! (You'll surely agree...)

Aside from its svelte new style, the new 6 Series gets all-LED headlights with adaptive headlight function, a first for BMW. Daytime driving lights, which take the form of LED rings, accentuate what BMW describes as unmistakable front-end styling.

The L-shaped rear lights establish a visual link between the sides and the rear of the vehicle, they say, while two LED-powered light strips create the familiar BMW night-time look, an effect enhanced by the L-shaped lower light unit. The direction indicator, tail light and brake light are also LED-powered.

There's a new 'driver-centric' interior, with a touch of novelty provided by the freestanding, 10.2-inch control display for the iDrive system in the centre of the instrument panel. The concept car also retains a head-up display, while entertainment is provided by a bespoke audio set up by Bang & Olufsen.

Sadly BMW isn't saying what the 6-series engine line-up will look like yet, but it would be odd if they didn't offer follow-ups to the 635d, as well as the 630i and 650i models.

From a philosophical point of view we're also disappointed there'll be no V10-powered M car to follow up our monstrously charismatic PH long-termer, but in reality we doubt if we're going to be that disappointed when the expected twin-turbo V8 powered replacement car storms in, instead.

That's a while off yet though, as the first 6 Series models are likely to get regular 6-cylinder and V8 power when sales start in the UK next April.




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  • adz13091982 19 Sep 2010

    Well done BMW - nice work! smile

  • AV12 19 Sep 2010

    Interior looks good.

  • Palmball 19 Sep 2010

    This is absolutely stunning - very sleek and beautiful. The interior is sublime - nice mix of colours rather than bland black.

    How much do you think will stay intact on the production version?

  • DJC 19 Sep 2010

    That interior looks beautiful?

    Im very glad my notion of beauty is different to yours. It looks functional, dull, but functional.

  • Mr E Driver 19 Sep 2010

    Thread with more in depth detail here from

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