First Pics: Arash AF-10 supercar

Anybody see a bit of Evora in that?...
Anybody see a bit of Evora in that?...
These are the first pictures of the oh-so-nearly finished Arash AF-10, the Corvette-powered British supercar that we first reported on in autumn last year. Arash has also revealed the price of the AF-10 - it's going to cost £320k (and you thought the £200k Noble M600 was a pricey proposition).

Still, the AF-10 doesn't exactly skimp on the specification. Unlike the Noble M600, which has to merely manage with a carbon fibre body, the AF-10 is carbon fibre all the way through. Pretty much everything that isn't exhaust, engine, fuel tank (aluminium), double wishbone suspension (aluminium), subframes (steel) or roll cage (steel) is made from carbon fibre. This includes a patented chassis design, which is carbon fibre with an aluminium honeycomb core.

...Or maybe a hint of Enzo?
...Or maybe a hint of Enzo?
Power comes from a 7.0-litre LS7 GM V8 with 550bhp at 6000rpm and 475lb ft of torque at 4800rpm. That will be good enough, reckons Arash, for a 205mph top speed, although no official performance figures have been released. Hauling the AF-10 to a standstill again are 380mm ventilated front disc brakes with eight-pot AP calipers, while 362mm discs with six-pot calipers.

As is De Rigueur these days for any new Brit supercar, Arash is already talking of even more performance - an AF-10S version is apparently in the pipeline, complete with an 800bhp, 553lb ft supercharged version of the LS7 motor.

For £300k, we'll be kind and say Enzo
For £300k, we'll be kind and say Enzo
Arash Farboud, founder, creator and owner of Arash cars, first came to Brit sports car prominence helping to create the Farboud GTS, a car that has now become the Farbio GTS. Farboud established the current Arash Cars concern in March 2006, and has been working on the AF-10 since then.

Dynamic development of the car starts next year.



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  • simonw 12 Nov 2009

    Looks like a model to me..

  • rhinochopig 12 Nov 2009

    Nice to see an original looking design for a change.

  • Puddenchucker 12 Nov 2009

    Is it just me, or does that look a lot like an Enzo?

  • Crusoe 12 Nov 2009

    enzo with corners rounded off?

  • rhinochopig 12 Nov 2009

    Puddenchucker said:
    Is it just me, or does that look a lot like an Enzo?
    Just you, the enzo has different wheel nuts.

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