Flaming Volvo Torches Speed Camera

Arsonists in Plymouth are being hunted by the local fuzz after they ended the career of a speed camera with a flaming Volvo 740.

Another torched camera
Another torched camera
We can't make up our minds whether the untimely demise of a 740 or the scamera itself is the most, er..., heinous part of this crime against property and all our best principles here at PH.

In fact the news from the West Country suggests this might have been an incident with far more serious consequences. According to the Plymouth Herald, the arsonists pinched the Volvo, parked it up and then torched it beneath the Outland Road speed camera - which is situated opposite an Esso petrol station.

It couldn't happen to a nicer... er, hang on!
It couldn't happen to a nicer... er, hang on!
Devon and Cornwall Police are trying to track down the 'perps' with house-to-house enquiries, while the local fire brigade apparently had to use hydraulic cutting equipment to make sure the camera's innards weren't still smouldering once the Volvo had been extinguished.

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  • CampDavid 08 Sep 2009

    I really quite like the Volvo 740, good, honest speed barge.

  • mike oxard 08 Sep 2009

    what a terrible waste

    of a fire crews evening

  • patmahe 08 Sep 2009

    I'm anti speed camera's and believe proper traffic policing is the way to actually make roads safer, but I do not condone destruction of public property. Or for that matter the theft of private property.

    I think its a terrible shame that people (like the majority that frequent this site) who have proper valid views on road policing will now be tarnished by the actions of these people. It doesn't do our cause any favours.

    And yes it is a pity about the Volvo, nice cars.

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  • stifler 08 Sep 2009

    It's alot easier to knock them a bit with a tractor, making them send tickets to passing 747s.

  • al3x.kay 08 Sep 2009

    Sad to see the Volvo go, not so sad to see the Scamera go, not saying I condone the actions mind.

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