Focus Cosworth takes a bow

The Escort Cosworth is back! Okay, not quite but Cosworth and Ford have just reunited to show a mighty one-off version of the Focus ST at the SEMA tuner extravaganza in Las Vegas starting tomorrow.

The iconic Brit engineering firm (currently up for sale) has managed to extract 330hp from the same two-litre turbo Ecoboost engine that makes 250hp in the ST. Even Radical in its reworking of the same engine could 'only' make 300hp.

Cosworth and Ford brought us this...
Cosworth and Ford brought us this...
The bodywork is the creation of an American outfit called M&J Enterprises before you blame Cosworth for that (although we're secretly quite liking it).

No, the interesting thing there is the engine and the fact that Ford is back publically collaborating with Cosworth.

There wasn't much information from Cosworth about HOW the power increase was achieved, although the press release does talk about "optimization of the exhaust and induction systems". We'd wager the engineers have lashed on a ruddy big turbo, delivering the punch but also lag of the sort that used to make the original Escort Cosworth from the early 90s so interesting to drive.

The Focus is one of five that Ford is showing at SEMA, and officially the link is between Cosworth and Ford Racing. Maybe Ford over there doesn't realize the strong historical bond between Cosworth and its performance road cars we know over here...

And this wasn't half bad either...
And this wasn't half bad either...
These days Ford in Europe collaborates with Revolve and its subsidiary Mountune to extract maximum power for cars like the RS, but that partnership has always lacked the evocative name meld that Cosworth used to bring. Even Revolve's old name of Roush didn't really cut it.

Cosworth's last big job for Ford on its performance road cars in this segment was the 170hp engine for the Focus ST170. That was an impressive tuning of the Duratec two-litre of the sort that Cosworth still does for customer cars. The BAC Mono for example has a 280hp Cosworth-tuned Duratec that goes very nicely indeed.

Ford definitely shouldn't buy Cosworth (we like a bit of variety), but wouldn't it be nice to see that badge attached to its extreme performance machines again?

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  • M666 EVO 29 Oct 2012


  • PSBuckshot 29 Oct 2012

    Is this 330bhp through the front wheels?! eek
    Holy understeer.

  • Liquid Tuna 29 Oct 2012

    Needs a MASSIVE whale tail spoiler!!

  • skene 29 Oct 2012

    These STs look immeasurably better in the metal than they do on the Internet. Saw one last week, albeit a standard one and it looked amazing!

  • RTH 29 Oct 2012

    These ST/RS Focus variants need to be rebodied under a smaller lighter 2 door coupe bodyshell to give it some desirable looks to go with all the rest they have developed. Ford should add a sports/GT car to the range.

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