Ford Keeps The Chequered Flag Flying

No extra power, but it looks good
No extra power, but it looks good
It’s pretty showy, but there’s no extra go for the latest ‘sporty’ model to grace the Focus line-up.

Still, there’ll probably be no shortage of takers for the racy looking Zetec S range now available at your local Ford dealer. With a full styling kit of front and rear spoilers and sill extensions, plus natty 17ins wheels, the standard Zetec S doesn’t actually look that bad. The trouble starts when you specify the optional £200 WRC pack that includes a

Sporty looks from behind
Sporty looks from behind
chequered flag graphic wrapped around the Focus’s flanks...

The ‘S’ package starts at £750 above each equivalent standard Focus Zetec derivative – and you can fly the Ford flag in anything from the 115PS petrol 1.6, to the mighty 145PS 2.0 version. Whoa boys!

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  • Neil G60 24 Oct 2008

    Ooo. A Focus "Ripspeed" edition. Does it come with a 'shark fin' aerial and neon footwell lights too?

  • davy9449 24 Oct 2008

    Front cover pic of the 'New cars to make you look a tw@t' guide!

  • Dagnut 24 Oct 2008

    Checkers on your car "looks good" I hope I'm missing some irony here.

  • cowsar 24 Oct 2008

    It's usually the boy racers who ruin their cars,they don't need to bother now Ford are doing for them.laugh

  • Podie 24 Oct 2008

    I seem to recall PetrolTed's S has the same flank stickers - funny how no one ripped the piss back then...

    Edited by Podie on Friday 24th October 12:59

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