Four Point Challenge launched

If the success of PistonHeads' inaugural Sporting Tour proved anything, it was that PHers love a navigational challenge. If pootling around Suffolk was a little too simple for you, though, here's a rather more testing mission - the Four Point Challenge.

New for 2019 and with two dates available in June, the Four Point Challenge takes in the most Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern points of the UK. In order, those locations are Dunnet Head and Ardnamurchan Point in Scotland, Lizard Point in Cornwall and Ness Point at Lowestoft in Suffolk. The challenge actually begins at Snetterton circuit - the closest track to Lowestoft - where there's a complimentary track day available to kick off proceedings. Once that's done and the trackers are fitted, entrants will be off.

But here's the key: the winners of the challenge (and recipients of the Β£5,000 prize) will be those that cover the shortest distance to reach all four points, and not those that complete it in the quickest time - hence the trackers. The organisers suggest it will take between four and five days, with a maximum of 12 allocated. So it could well be that a team takes a week to complete, but through careful planning of overnight stops (the car must be stationary for nine hours in every 24), rest breaks, fuel top ups and so on, could actually cover the shortest distance. For those feeling especially intrepid, electric cars are permitted to compete and will receive a 10 per cent discount.

A pair of 4 Point Challenges will take place in June, the first on the 6th and the second on the 20th. A minimum of two drivers are required for the event, costing Β£480 each, though additional drivers beyond the first two are free of charge. Don't forget about that Β£5,000 prize, either, which will be accompanied by a Β£5k donation to a charity of your choice. Entry is open to all four-wheeled, road legal cars that will pass Snetterton's noise tests (92db drive-by, 105db static) - the entry form is here...

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Comments (23) Join the discussion on the forum

  • BeillyNoy 11 Jan 2019

    The initial message was deleted from this topic on 11 January 2019 at 07:38

  • Oliver-2optb 11 Jan 2019

    Love the idea of this, like a scatter rally on a massive scale.
    However the entrant price is ridiculous.
    Why is it so high? Are you closing roads or something?
    Why not ditch the track day, as who wants to do a track day and then have to travel a couple of thousand miles the following 4 days.
    Also lower the winning prize. Being the winner is an accolade enough. Why not get someone like Caterham to give away a free track in one of their cars or whatever.
    That way more 'normal' people who actually enjoy navigating and the scenery can get involved. A grand before you even start rolling is steep.
    Or are you trying to appeal only to wealthy.

  • VanquishRider 11 Jan 2019

    £1k entry fee to win £5k? Plus you have all the fuel, vehicle wear, hotel costs and food. Sounds like a no win competition to me. So for £1k the organisers provide a tracker and a track day? Not sure they have their sums right to me.

  • gazza5 11 Jan 2019

    Love the idea of this, not interested in the track day though (does that not make me a petrol head).

    Tbh though considering we would have to find our own accommodation etc, think I will stick with my trip to germany (not doing ring this year), where drivers actually drive properly, nice maintained roads, and cheaper than doing this! Considering I will be doing the brewery tour at bitburger pils, then porsche museum, then watching GT racing at Spa away thursday to monday, the cost of this (not staying in crap hotels either) is as much as it is for one entrant (£480) and thats then split between both of us so £240 each including fuel and euro tunnel crossing.

    Would however be interesting to see the results, the nerd in me likes the idea of doing it in the least miles etc.

  • RB Will 11 Jan 2019

    What he said. I was quite interested until I saw the price. I would struggle to part with that considering accommodation etc is not included and convincing any of my mates to put up similar will be impossible.

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