Garage Italia Customs unveils Huayra 'Lampo'

You may not have heard of Garage Italia Customs before - we hadn't. But that's rather the point of this project: to draw attention to its work and the perspective with which it views automotive design.

It describes itself as, "a natural evolution of the great Italian coachbuilders of the last century". A place where, "the classic tailoring services of bodywork, painting and upholstery are accompanied by more affordable solutions, such as wrapping... to offer an unlimited choice of stylistic options to... represent the ultimate expression of the desires and personality of the client."

To that end, the Huayra's mechanicals remain unchanged, its AMG-built 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 still producing the same 764hp and 737lb ft of torque. The alterations, rather obviously, coming to the car's interior design and exterior styling instead.

Penned by Lapo Elkann, the founder of Garage Italia, and handcrafted by Pagani's own employees, the Huayra Lampo - Lampo being the Italian word for lightning - celebrates Italian style and high-technology. It does so with a livery, inspired by the Fiat Turbina concept of the 50s, which intensifies the aerodynamic lines of the Huayra by playing on colour contrasts. The result being "a blend of different styles and languages in the perfect match between tradition and innovation." There's a very loud, although equally impressive, interior to match, too.

Speaking about the collaboration, Horacio Pagani said, "Working with Garage Italia Customs on this car has been a pleasure. A beautiful and very interesting exercise which allowed us to move away from the shoreline, to dare and to discover always more. Unfortunately the journey is over since the car has been completed and we are here to show it but it would be nice to start over".

The Lampo's in your face design certainly won't be to everyone's liking - there will likely be more than a few people who'd agree that starting over wouldn't be such a bad idea - but it's always interesting to get a glimpse into the imagination of the people pushing the boundaries of automotive design. And taste. First impressions welcome below!











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  • Turbobanana 14 Dec 2017

    I achieved a similar effect on my old Hillman Avenger, c1987, at what I would guess would be a fraction of the cost, from Halfords.

  • thegreenhell 14 Dec 2017

    I wonder why they decided they should showcase it in a studio with the lights turned off...

  • MesserXJR 14 Dec 2017

    Surely they have just left the delivery wrapping on ... 😂

  • Andrew[MG] 15 Dec 2017

    "Lapo Elkann, the founder of Garage Italia" he's a bit more than that...

  • Rawwr 15 Dec 2017

    Oh just put it in the f*cking bin.

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