Geneva 2012: Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Another show, another nominal power boost and 'exclusive' colour option for the Bugatti Veyron. So what do we have this week? Well, it's called the Grand Sport Vitesse. It's two-tone blue. It's got 1,200hp. And it wouldn't be complete without some sort of superlative claim for 'my Bugatti's faster/more expensive/more exclusive than yours' chest beating, this one being 'world's fastest roadster'.

Based on the Super Sport, the Grand Vitesse does boast some pretty impressive numbers, like 0-62 in 2.6 seconds and 255mph top whack. Revised wind deflectors make, so Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer claims, 180mph possible without your passenger even noticing. Might beg to differ on that one Wolfgang but, regardless, the new detachable deflector will also be available on 'regular' Grand Sports.

And that's it really. A slightly faster Veyron, this time without a roof and also showing, for the first time according to Bugatti, in what it describes as a 'brownish' finish. Not brown. Brownish.

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  • melvster 06 Mar 2012

    How many more special edition Veyron's rolleyes

  • cragswinter 06 Mar 2012

    melvster said:
    How many more special edition Veyron's rolleyes
    How many left to shift wink

  • melvster 06 Mar 2012

    I bet Bugatti have done more special editions than Lotus.

  • alexpa 06 Mar 2012

    I don't like weight in my cars, but a topless, extra power Veyron (because the basic hasn't got enough!), yes please.

  • Liquid Knight 06 Mar 2012

    I hope Tata sues for copy write breach. How can such a ghastly looking car be called a Vitesse?


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