Geneva 2012: Lamborghini Aventador J

With a new Ferrari debuting too Lamborghini is claiming its share of the Geneva spotlight the only way it knows how with this spectacular Aventador J, the Aventador for those who think the standard car just a tad too shy and retiring. Unveiled before the show at the VW group preview evening, this one-off special is one of many such cars in the pipeline Lambo says.

Interior features patented carbon upholstery
Interior features patented carbon upholstery
So this isn't the Aventador Spider. Not yet anyway. The J - allusions to Miura Jota and the FIA 'appendix J' guidelines for homologation classes apparently the inspiration, ditto some nonsense about pushing the rules to the limit - is a more extreme flight of fancy that gets rid of the windscreen as well as the roof. A very expensive way to mess up your hair and get bugs in your teeth in other words, Lamborghini saying drivers are 'required' to have the 'right equipment' for fully enjoying the Aventador J's talents. As if it's going to be used for anything more barnet taxing than low speed/noisy posing around Monaco/the supercar hunting ground of your choosing.

The Aventador's carbon monocoque has been revised to make up for the loss of vital bodywork with new roll hoops behind the seats and luxuries like air con and sat nav ripped out. Lamborghini's not saying whether this strips any kilos off the standard Aventador's 1,575kg dry weight but the implication is there that the J's performance is even more extreme.

The only car to make the F12 look dull
The only car to make the F12 look dull
As it stands it gets the same 700hp, 6.5-litre V12 as the standard Aventador, the J's visual impact increased further with F1-style front and rear aero features and carbon-centred wheels. This carbon overload continues inside with a patented new 'carbonskin' flexible carbon fibre 'fabric' upholstery on the fixed, carbon framed seats. Lamborghini even claims the material could be used for what it describes as 'high end clothing' in the future.

Meanwhile a periscope-style rear view mirror harks back to a trademark feature of early Countach models. Even Lambo can't resist a bit of nostalgia it seems.

Daft? Yes. Spectacular? Of course. And the J will go on sale. This one and this one only, for there will be only one and, unusually, Lamborghini won't be keeping it for itself. Indeed it's already been sold. Price? 2.1 million Euros. Plus taxes.

New carbon cross piece covers engine
New carbon cross piece covers engine


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  • bernhund 05 Mar 2012

    One fly in the centre of your forehead when your flat out and your gonna look like JFK!

  • CatScan 05 Mar 2012

    Think all I can say is: want want want want want. Sorry for the immature comment, but wow. This is from the parent company that can unveil the Bentley SUV on the same day; they couldn't be any more different in position on my wish list.

  • Vilhelm 05 Mar 2012

    bernhund said:
    One fly in the centre of your forehead when your flat out and your gonna look like JFK!
    It'll probably never be flat out. frown

  • arkenphel 05 Mar 2012

    Hmmm, Lamborghini does a lotus (the stripped out Elise one)....

    I can't help feeling this has been designed as a piece of sculpture than as a poseur's carriage. You'd look pretty daft with missed up hair and bugs in your teeth as you grin like an idiot rolling past the plebs in Monaco.

    Looks nice, though, and will be fab in tunnels.

  • MiniMan64 05 Mar 2012


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