Geneva Motor Show 2013: Audi

If you hadn't caught on already the Audi stand at an international motor show is where the sheer scale and perceived dominance of the brand really hits home. Along with the homogeneity of some of the design. Obviously Audis aren't exactly a rare sight on the road but when confronted with a vast display of them picking out the one you were looking for isn't always easy, especially when they're all painted the same colour. There's the new RS6! No, hang on, it's an RS4. Is that the S3? Nope, some sort of -Tron suffixed hybrid thingy.

New RS6 has 'downsized' to twin-turbo V8
New RS6 has 'downsized' to twin-turbo V8
To be fair to the new RS6 it wasn't that hard to pick out. It was the one with black wheels. And it does look pretty damned mean, if not entirely dissimilar to the two previous RS6s. Surprise! Not sure about this new fashion for the Quattro script in the front valance - maybe that was the additional uberholprestige boss Rupert Stadler was on about at the preview night to set the RS apart from the hordes of S Line wannabes.

You can read the details of the tech spec in our earlier article here but the headlines are 560hp from the 'downsized' 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 with a mighty 516lb ft of torque driving the already ubiquitous ZF eight-speeder. 0-62 is in 3.9 seconds and you can have the 155mph limiter raised to 174mph or 189mph. And it'll do nearly 30mpg thanks to cylinder cut-off.

300hp for five-door Sportback version of new S3
300hp for five-door Sportback version of new S3
Similar stats to the RS7 Sportback, which is making its European debut here too, as it happens. Another hot Sportback was also making its debut - this time the S3. It'll take an RS version to really offer a rival to the A45 AMG unveiled across the way at Mercedes but you can be sure Quattro GmbH will be looking closely at AMG's entry into the four-wheel drive premium mega hatch market.

Then there's the RS Q3 which, surprisingly, was in amongst the general ranks of Audi models. An RS-branded SUV? Well, few surprises there and it is what it is.

Moving swiftly on Audi also unveiled its new 2013 DTM RS5, which looks suitable mean and moody and was driven onto the stage by new Brit signing Jamie Green, poached from Mercedes. Enough to take on the winning BMW M3 this year? If looks could kill and all that..


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  • Andy ap 06 Mar 2013

    That is one bad ass looking car. loving the grill, the shape of the lights and the wheels. But hate the fairy lights.

  • toppstuff 06 Mar 2013

    I must admit to having quite a crush on big fast quattro estate Audis.

    If I was speaking to an Audi engineer, however, I would have one question; Whats with the rubbish ride quality dude? Why can't your cars be better damped? They tend to crash and skip rather than flow. I'd like to understand why they build them this way. Recently tried the new RS4 and I really didnt like the ride.

    Otherwise, lovely cars.

  • doogz 06 Mar 2013

    Impressive figures for such a big car.

  • zcacogp 06 Mar 2013

    Far, far, far too flash. Impressive figures indeed but the look-at-me styling coupled with the hideous ride quality strongly suggest that those figures are meant to be bandied around in pubs rather than used on the roads.

    Shame. The Audi of the '80's and early '90's could have so easily have gone in a much better direction than it did.


  • epom 06 Mar 2013

    RS6 looks just wonderful, not overtly flashy, but with just enough menace smile

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