Glickenhaus goes off-road

Without context, these renderings may not look like much. But when they're associated with Jim Glickenhaus, he of SCG003 fame, they become a lot more credible. And exciting.

The renderings preview Glickenhaus's reinterpretation of the Baja Boot, an off-road buggy that was devised in the late 60s in response to the new 'Mexican 1000' off-road race (the race that would become the modern day Baja 1000). Jim Glickenhaus purchased one of the original buggies back in 2010, so clearly this is a long-held ambition. The latest Facebook post shows a four-door 'Expedition' version - which will aim to drive up the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile and set a world record - as well as a two-door version called the 'Steve'. Your guess is as good as ours on that one.

Like the original this Baja Boot will use a V8, thought by Motor Trend to be a 5.0-litre, which would point towards it being Ford's 'Coyote' unit as found in the Mustang. MT also says it will have an automatic gearbox, a central driving position, 20 inches of suspension travel and the ability to switch between rear- and four-wheel drive. Which all sounds jolly marvellous, in a kind of grown-up Ariel Nomad sort of way.

Sure, the Baja Boot isn't exactly an attractive object, but that's missing the point entirely. And how pretty did you expect a car named 'Boot' to be? This is about no-holds-barred off-roading, taking whatever path you choose at whatever time you want. When backed with the type of single-minded ambition that has seen the Glickenhaus sportscar project do so well, the Boot adventure has the potential to be spectacular. Stay tuned...



[Sources: Motor Trend, Jalopnik, Bonhams, Glickenhaus via Facebook]

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Comments (6) Join the discussion on the forum

  • sidesauce 29 Jan 2018

    Even though I'm no SUV fan, something about this project really appeals to me.

  • soad 29 Jan 2018

    Oh, yeah! biggrindrivingcool

  • Bencolem 29 Jan 2018

    Matt Bird said:
    as well as a two-door version called the 'Steve'. Your guess is as good as ours on that one.
    May guess would be ‘Steve’ as in Steve McQueen as he bought Steve McQueen’s original Baja Boot back in 2010. That looked awesome so I’m sure (hoping) the renderings are doing this no favours. Shame its using a Ford motor though - the original Baja Boot was all about GM connections.

  • Mutema 29 Jan 2018

    I do like Jim. V8 Defender and ancient format? God no, I'd rather have something like this.

  • Lewis Kingston 29 Jan 2018

    That looks like good fun! biggrin

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