Google's car is go...

So on the same day PH features one of the most exciting driver's cars ever produced, Google reveals its first driverless car. Oh Lordy.

Having adapted conventional cars for its previous driverless projects, Google has now designed a car from the ground up. As you can see, it has been styled to appear as inoffensive and 'nice' as possible, with a face that looks like something from a Nintendo game made from squishy foam. Aww.

Of course the reason for the soft front is the same reason for the 25mph limited speed; perceived safety. Google wants its autonomous tech to be as unintimidating as possible, which will take some considerable work given this is a car without pedals or a steering wheel. There are just stop and go buttons. Well, that's the eventual plan but the initial 100 prototypes will be fitted with additional controls so one of Google's test drivers can take over if necessary. No further details on how that works just yet...

Google's head of the self driving project is Chris Urmson who said the car is "something that will allow us to really push the capabilities of self driving technology, and understand the limitations". He expects the 100 test cars to be on the roads around Google's Silicon Valley base within a year.

Vid here crammed with Google sickly sweetness and old people.


[Sources: Telegraph, FT]

P.H. O'meter

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  • cvega 28 May 2014

    god i hope this never becomes a reality

  • Shaw Tarse 28 May 2014

    So who is responsible if the car drives me drunk

  • cvega 28 May 2014

    Shaw Tarse said:
    So who is responsible if the car drives me drunk
    here's to hoping retarded insurance laws and greed will make this an impossibility wink

  • bencollins 28 May 2014

    Dudes, make the wheels fit the arches, is it so difficult?
    Also luggage, passengers, children?
    Wonder when city traffic last ran at 25mph.
    Wont this just gridlock at high traffic flows, i.e. set distance?
    Anyhoo, quite interesting.

  • TurboHatchback 28 May 2014

    Good luck to them, I think autonomous cars have a lot of uses. I live in pensioner central and some of the driving round here is pretty special, if they could instead have one of these it would make everything work better. There are times (usually at 4am or in traffic) when I wish my car could drive itself and I could sit back and have a bit of a snooze, read the paper or watch some tv. Also taxis that weren't driven by maniacs would be a great improvement.

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