Gran Turismo Vs Reality On The Nordschleife

This is perhaps not one for those who have a tenuous grasp on reality. Presumably to prove just how obsessive Polyphony Digital's developers are, Sony has released this video showing split-screen sections of actual Nurburgring footage side by side with Gran Turismo 5 in-game shots.

The effect is definitely impressive - and they've even thrown in some comparison footage of the GP circuit to further prove their point.

So, what with PH on your laptop/mobile/chip implanted in your brain* and a near-perfect replica of the Nordschleife on your PS3, do you ever really need to leave your living room again...?

Thre's only one thing confusing us - we never noticed lap times appearing in the corner of our vision in reality before. Oh, wait...

*that last one might be made-up


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  • MIP1983 12 Jan 2011

    It is impressive, but I think (and you can see this in the video) that you feel too high off the ground in GT5. Like the car your driving is unaturally tall. This is turn has the effect of somtimes making the track feel narrower than it does in real life. It's like your heads at the height of an upright motorcyclist rather than being in a low to the ground sports car.

    Also the S2000 in GT5 seems to have alot more tendancy to power oversteer, where it just doesn't in real life. Alot of the RWD cars in GT5 feel a bit too twitchy in that respect.

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  • dirty boy 12 Jan 2011

    Impressive, but I still can't get over how souless the GT5 car sounds are.

    All that attention to detail, and it still sounds like Outrun on the C64 wink

  • wolfy1988 12 Jan 2011

    Love the Nurburg on GT5, Although I seem to set consecutive times of 8:15 with several completely different cars?!

  • Ex Boy Racer 12 Jan 2011

    seems quite different to me to be honest...

  • Milks 12 Jan 2011

    Ex Boy Racer said:
    seems quite different to me to be honest...
    you do better then rolleyes

    thats actually pretty impressive, even down to individual trees!

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