Gulf Le Mans Stickers And Packages

Ignore the spreadsheets for a moment and sit back (if your work involves spreadsheets. Although if it doesn't involve them you'll find them easier to ignore). Cast your mind back to hazy sunshine, a belly full of dubiously cooked BBQ meat sandwiched between two ripped-apart pieces of baguette all washed down with a stubby beer or box of local wine from a plastic cup.

Hear the cars racing in the background, just audible over your Dutch neighbours' banging house music as you consider setting your alarm for 4am in the hope you'll be somewhere near the front of the shower queue. Welcome to Le Mans - the countdown to quite possibly the filthiest yet most glorious weekend of your life has begun.

Le Mans 2011 is but days away (okay, quite a few, but let's not worry about the detail) and it's time to get planning for the main event. We have already teased you with the T-Shirts, but now we are pleased to offer the 2011 stickers and special Le Mans bundles to help get you in the mood while you ponder the looming deadline for the latest management report your boss is waiting for.

Let's start with the stickers. Once again we unashamedly celebrate our 2011 partnership with Gulf Oils. Designed expressly for sticking onto stuff, this item comes with one free sticky side (no licking required) and one rather gloriously designed (by our in-house legend Darren Curtis) Gulf-coloured side, showing both the Gulf and PistonHeads logos.

Two sizes are available, a larger 15-inch job for doors and bonnets and a smaller 3.5-inch version for sticking, er, elsewhere. The PH Le Mans team will be keeping an eye out for cars carrying the stickers in and around Le Mans and will snap as many as we spot to create a 'PHers in Le Mans' gallery when we get back to PHHQ.

Much in the same way as Pete Beale might have shouted at Albert Square market, we also cry 'come and get your bargains, ladies!' as we unveil our special Le Mans bundles (not like the bundles you had at school). If you like a bargain (and you look like a man who does, sir) you'll love these.

Bundle 1: This packages up 3 of the 15-inch stickers, 1 of the 3.5-inch versions and a PistonHeads flag for only £26. That's a saving of £7, or enough for a slab of beer at Carrefour.

Bundle 2: That not enough for you? Okay, we'll pile on the bargains. Here we'll send you the same as bundle 1, but we'll also throw in our fantastic Gulf Le Mans T-shirt for only £45, saving you £8.50 and meaning you can get deux baguettes with your beers too.

Bundle 3: As above, but instead of the T-shirt we offer the smarter PHer the Le Mans polo shirt. It carries the same fantastic Gulf-themed design attached to a top-quality shirt. The package is priced at £54.00 offering a saving of £7.50. Our polo shirt wearer may choose to spend this on some local vin rouge in place of the more common lager.

Bundle 4: Don't forget the legalities attached with continental jaunts; Les Poulets insist that you carry all sorts of emergency bits and bobs in your boot once on their soil. Don't worry, PH can help with the roadside emergency kit, containing everything you need to stay out of trouble (except cash bribes). As legal stuff is a bit dull, we'll also include a 3.5-inch Gulf sticker and a PH flag for only £54. This package saves you a whopping £14.50 and quite frankly you can buy an entire barbecue set for that.

We trust this has whetted your appetite for this summer's run to La Sarthe? Once again we would like to thank the good guys at Gulf Oils and our designer Darren for coming up with a cracking design for PistonHeads LM2011.


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  • Big News 05 Apr 2011

    I simply HAVE to do Le Mans this year...just need to find some money first! (And some people to go with, but I'm sure that can be sorted scratchchin)

    I might be putting an order in for 'Bundle Two' soon...

  • rico23 05 Apr 2011

    Just booked for my first trip to Le Mans smile

    Think i will also make a purchase for Bundle 2.

  • Antj 05 Apr 2011

    well done guys,

    last year was a massive cock up leaving the t shirts so late.

    Still think 2008 was the best design so far, but this looks ok

  • Oldwolf 05 Apr 2011

    It has to be bundle 3, maybe 2 of them :-)

  • 5potTurbo 06 Apr 2011

    Excellent idea on the bundles, and I now know there are large stickers available
    Bundle 2 + an extra Polo shirt for me then

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