Hamann enhances Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago by Hamann
Lamborghini Murcielago by Hamann
German tuner Hamann has launched a range of add-ons for your Lamborghini Murciélago.

As if the Audi-owned company's vehicle weren't wild-looking enough, the company reckons it can be enhanced by its Kevlar or fibreglass spoilers front and rear -- watch those speed humps -- a carbon fibre interior kit a new stainless steel sports exhaust and 20-inch wheels.

For more details, check out Hamann's site (link below).

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  • dinkel 28 Jun 2006

    Normally I'm not at all into the tuning thingy . . . but somehow Hamann floats my boat.

    Not so sure about the rimms, but those Lambo's look the nuts. Since the Diablo is the last real Lambo I guess a bit of 'mean extra' is allowed . . .

    Check out the Roller.

  • cy88 28 Jun 2006

    dinkel said:
    Check out the Roller.

    Would make a nice Bentley version of the Phantom (if the Rolls / Bentley collaberation still existed)

  • s3am 28 Jun 2006

    Least they don't need to change the doors this time!

  • HUGE 28 Jun 2006

    Hamann "ENHANCES" the Murcielago.????.....not the description I would have used,with apologies to all those who think it looks better after a trip to a posh Halfords.

  • shadowninja 28 Jun 2006

    s3am said:
    Least they don't need to change the doors this time!

    was gonna say, "have they put lambo doors on it?"

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