Honda S2000 To Go Hybrid?

Front-drive, hybrid, folding hard-top. Please, no!
Front-drive, hybrid, folding hard-top. Please, no!
When the Honda S2000 dies later this year, it will leave a sports car-shaped gap in the Honda range, and an open question: How will Honda fill it?

Unfortunately, the latest answer coming out of Japan may not fill Honda fans - or indeed fans of sports cars in general - with feelings of happiness and optimism.

Hot on the heels of the news that Honda is to show a production hybrid sports car - the CR-Z - at October's Tokyo motor show come rumours that the next S2000, due in 2012, will also be a hybrid.

It gets worse. Japanese car mag Best Car is saying that the next-gen hybrid S2000, which will apparently be fitted with the same hybrid diveline due to go into some versions of the Honda Accord, will be front-wheel drive and fitted with a folding hard-top.

Seems like the days of 9000rpm VTECS and simple rear-wheel drive dynamics could be numbered. Let's just hope the rumours are wrong...

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  • carsnapper 16 Jul 2009

    Tragic. A FWD Hybrid S2000.
    What ever next?

  • adycav 16 Jul 2009

    Hmm, doesn't sound too promising.

    Perhaps you could talk/slap some sense into them when you are over in Japan Riggers.

  • Groober 16 Jul 2009

    So put simply, Honda S2000 ruined by Honda.

  • Miklad 16 Jul 2009

    There is something really odd going on at Honda at the moment. They are cutting costs there and everywhere at the moment.

    Looks like Clarkson was right when he said something along the lines of 'In a few years time you won't be able to buy a sports car due to the beardy-eco-lefties'.

    That S2000 render is awful. Whoever designed that wants a bullet.

    And what a shame about the CR-Z. Sooo much promise and so little return.

    Honda fans revel in the fact that they make engines that are pokey, lively and able to be taken to 8000revs+.

    V-Tec RIP.


  • pilchardthecat 16 Jul 2009

    I thought the retrograde step with the Civic rear suspension was bad - this is an abomination.

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