i8: BMW Names Hybrid Super Coupe

BMW is set to launch its 'i' eco sub-brand in 2013 - and one of the first models launched will be the i8 super-coupe, a production version of the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept from the 2009 Frankfurt show.

BMW's announcement confirms the rumours we first reported on back in summer 2010 - that the new diesel-electric hybrid coupe will be based on the dramatic 356hp Frankfurt concept.

What BMW's announcement makes no mention of are the whispers suggesting that an 'M' version of the i8 could also be on the cards - with a straight-six petrol motor and a super-capacitor to boost power. Here's hoping that one proves true as well...

The BMW i brand will be the umbrella under which the company will produce what it calls 'sustainable vehicles and mobility solutions' - essentially electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Joining the i8 in production at BMW's Leipzig plant will be the i3, a fully electric city car.

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  • PSBuckshot 21 Feb 2011

    That is one annoyed looking car. grumpy

    Edited by PSBuckshot on Monday 21st February 16:02

  • Greg964 21 Feb 2011

    The badge looks like V-SLOW

  • kentmotorcompany 21 Feb 2011

    "and a super-capacitor to boost power."

    Is that an updated "flux capacitor"?

  • ewenm 21 Feb 2011

    kentmotorcompany said:
    "and a super-capacitor to boost power."

    Is that an updated "flux capacitor"?
    That's why the car is limited to 87mph (just in case...).

  • ZOLLAR 21 Feb 2011

    Why is everything following apples "i"?, any new or cool technology gets an "i" in front of it, its slowly becoming my number 1 pet hate hehe

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