Indycar visor cam at Sonoma: Time For Tea?

There's something about visor cams, isn't there? They make you feel like you're right there in the cockpit yourself, the sense of speed and involvement unlike anything else.

You could film an Indycar from another state and it would still look fast given that, depending on the circuit, they run at between 717kg and 730kg but with as much as 750hp. Plonk a camera right on the driver though, and the sense of acceleration, immediacy and - to be frank - fear, is off the scale.

Take this visor cam video from The Racer Channel, filmed at Sonoma Raceway with Scott Dixon and his Chip Ganassi Racing Honda. Spoiler alert - the first lap isn't the quickest, so stick around for the other two. Use that first lap to get used to such a rapid car, the way Dixon adjusts settings on the wheel as he's going, and the absurdly strong braking force.

Those final two, though, are right on the limit. There're big gobs of oversteer, incredibly brave throttle applications and speed like you simply wouldn't believe. All caught on a camera that puts you right at the centre of the action - it's spectacular.

Fair warning too: this channel has a lot of similar videos. And they're very good. Avoid if you have better things to do...


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  • struttob 06 Dec 2017

    Looks fairly pedestrian compared to this

  • givablondabone 06 Dec 2017


  • coppice 06 Dec 2017

    Gotta give it to the track designers- they have made it look exactly like an early CGI representation of a race circuit. Car sounds easy on the ear though.

  • noble12345 06 Dec 2017

    struttob said:
    Looks fairly pedestrian compared to this
    Who needs a crash barrier when youve got nice soft tree trunks to slam into, ballsy driver thumbup

  • coppice 06 Dec 2017

    Absolutely- I love the 'speeded up,you ***ing losers ' type comments from youtube watchers who rarely leave their fetid bedrooms, let alone ever watch speed hillclimbs from trackside.

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