James Bond's Lotus Esprit Up For Grabs

For Coys eyes only...
For Coys eyes only...
A rare double-whammy of Lotus history is being sold at the Coys Blenheim Palace auction on Saturday 18th July, as the Lotus Esprit turbo used by Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only goes up for sale.

Why the double-whammy? Because OPW678W is not only 007’s ride from the 1981 film, it was also used by Lotus founder Colin Chapman as his daily driver before its starring role.

The car – which also happens to be the first Esprit Turbo that Lotus produced – was originally white, but the film’s producers discovered that the car didn’t stand out against snowy backdrops (surprise, surprise), so the Esprit Turbo was sent back to Lotus to be repainted in its current metallic bronze colour.

The car might not be as trick as the submarine Esprit that the catalogue says is from Never Say Never Again (though as many PHers have pointed out it is actually from The Spy Who Loved Me), but those bespoke ski racks – which are included in the sale – are pretty cool.

If you fancy owning a piece of Lotus and film history, now might be a good time as the Coys guide price is £90,000-£110,000 – a fair sight less that the £135k opening gambit the last time the car went on sale back in 2006.

A Mid-engined, turbocharged car. On snow
A Mid-engined, turbocharged car. On snow

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  • Klassiekerrally 09 Jul 2009

    A lot of money, but probably worth it because of it's history...

  • The Dirty Bubble 09 Jul 2009

    If my memory serves me correctly, a trusty henchman put the butt of his machine gun through the window of this Lotus, thus triggering the vehicles self destruct mode and blowing the car up.

    As we all know, everything that happens on TV is real, therefore this car must be a fake. I expect it to be sold to me for 78p for pointing out this heinous fraud.

    I wonder if the yellow 2CV Mr Bond was forced to make his escape in is worth anywhere near as much?

  • PompeyM3 09 Jul 2009

    The submarine Esprit was from "The Spy who Loved Me.

    Fell in love with the Esprit as soon as I saw that film, so much so I bought one, although a newer 1988 2.2 NA.

    Still can't find that submarine button.... Must of been an option !!

  • J-Skid 09 Jul 2009

    Wasn't the submarine Esprit in "The Spy Who Loved Me?" nerd

  • gizard 09 Jul 2009

    The Submarine Esprit was in 'The Spy who loved me' not 'Never Say Never' - Never say never was not a 'proper' bond film either.

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