Koenigsegg Agera RS: 0-400-0 in 36 seconds!

This is just barmy now. Absolutely brilliant, but completely barmy too. Just weeks after Bugatti claimed a world record with the Chiron going from rest to 400km/h (249mph) and back again in less than 42 seconds, Koenigsegg has beaten it. By six seconds.

Yep, 36 seconds to reach 249mph and brake to a stop again. Look, here's the video. Now it should be noted that this isn't a Guinness World Record as the Chiron's run was, but there can be little arguing with the video evidence here. Don't forget too that the Koenigsegg will be hampered on the launch by rear-wheel drive and, while our ears may be deceiving us, its shifts sound a little slower than the Bugatti's. These disadvantages make the achievement all the more remarkable.

Unsurprisingly the RS looks stupendously quick in the video, even on a vast and expansive runway. Perhaps what's more impressive though is the stability - look how little correction is required on the wheel accelerating up that speed, and also on the way back down. Not exactly calm, but incredibly composed for such a ludicrous velocity.

Want numbers? There are numbers. The car reached 400km/h in just 26.88 seconds and 1,958m. The deceleration took just 9.56 seconds and the car covered only 483m in that time. The video in fact shows 0-403-0, which took 37.28 seconds and 2,535m, the record run then 36.44 seconds and 2,441m. Madness.

So bravo Koenigsegg, for raising the bar when it seemed the bar could be raised no further. It's not an officially recognised attempt but the renegade nature perhaps makes this lunacy all the more exciting. Where on earth do we go from here?


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  • sc0tt 05 Oct 2017


  • Robmarriott 05 Oct 2017

    Why an Agera RS and not a Regera or a one:1?

  • pimpchez 05 Oct 2017

    Robmarriott said:
    Why an Agera RS and not a Regera or a one:1?
    Customer request , wanting to verify the performance against other rocket ships apparently. The car is a new build and will go onto its owner in the US

  • Cold 05 Oct 2017

    Go to 1:57 if you wish to see the run without the fluffing preamble.

  • Robmarriott 05 Oct 2017

    ah, hence the tape!

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