KW introduces iPhone adjustable suspension

Considering that, as a general rule, we at PH HQ tend to view adaptive damping packages with grave suspicion, you'd think that the e-mail that dropped into the PH inbox with the subject line 'iPhone App controls adaptive coilover kit for Volkswagen Golf 6 R' would fill us with dismay.

And yet the gadget fiends in us can't help but find the idea of adjusting your car's suspension via your mobile deeply appealing.

Basically the idea is that, when you buy the KW DDC ECU coilover kit, you get a free app for your iPhone that allows you to configure the dampers to 'comfort', 'sport' and 'sport+' modes with a swipe of your finger, and to lower the ride height between 5mm and 35mm.

There's also a more advanced mode that allows the user to make more complicated adjustments.

So, iPhone-adjustable suspension: brilliant gadgetry or unnecessary gimmickry? We honestly can't decide...

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  • RichTBiscuit 25 May 2012


    Clever stuff, and looks very useful.

  • 993RSGT3 25 May 2012

    Brilliant idea for track days. Just hope the security settings are robust enough though - you could have hours of fun changing the settings on your mate's car!

  • leon9191 25 May 2012

    Thats quite interesting really, not my cup of tea normally but if it works would bring addaptive dampers to be used in older car which could have pretty good results. Again if it works and is any good.

  • STiG911 25 May 2012

    Brilliant idea, until someone hacks it wink

  • Jamesp24 25 May 2012

    Great idea,least untill my mates get hold of my iphone.

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