Last Saabs up for auction

It seems doubtful Saab will return in a meaningful form, so this could be the last chance ever to buy a brand new Saab. Administrators are selling off the last remaining factory stock, including the never-before-offered estate versions of the new 9-5.

The 69 auction listings include a handful of the 33 9-5 SportCombis built before the company imploded, a car that'll guarantee you global exclusivity, as long as you don't mind left-hand-drive.

Nowt rarer than a 9-5 Combi
Nowt rarer than a 9-5 Combi
This 9-5 Turbo4 SportCombi comes with a 220hp 2.0-litre petrol and should be a supremely swift, comfortable and practical luxury barge in its own right. And with some neat design features like the full-width LED taillights, we think it’s rather cool, too.

They’re hoping it'll go for just over £36,000 – but the current highest bid at the time of writing is a comparatively bargain-tastic £11,225. Or take your pick from 190hp diesels or lower powered 180hp petrol turbos.

The majority of cars are the new 9-5 saloon, including the company car used by former CEO Victor Muller. Loaded to the gunnels with extras, this shiny black Turbo6 Aero model came with the same 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 that’s currently fitted to the Insignia VXR, although here it’s detuned to a still-significant 300hp.

Muller's car: Promises much, delivers less?
Muller's car: Promises much, delivers less?
That made it good for 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds, and although it’ll never be the last word in driving dynamics, the all-wheel-drive system should offer plenty of grip. This one’s yours for just under £22,000 at the moment, though the auctioneers are hoping the final price will be closer to £40,000.

There are a few of the 9-4X crossovers based roughly around the Cadillac SRX. The sole three-litre V6 petrol tells you what market these were aimed at. Same goes for the 9-7X Aero,Saab’s US-market attempt to rival BMW’s V8-powered X5s with a rebodied Chevy TrailBlazer. Highest bid is somewhere around eight grand at the moment, if you're brave. The auction ends December 16.

9-5 Aero looks fantastic and costs little
9-5 Aero looks fantastic and costs little
Unsuprisingly Saabs are stunningly cheaply here. First up, this 2008 9-3 XWD Turbo X. As a 280hp mile-muncher, there's little to beat it for £9,700. Or there's this first-generation 9-5 Aero estate with 250hp in a great colour combination with history and ‘sensible’ miles, whatever that means. Or if Shed Of The Week money is all you’ve got to play with, there’s this rather lovely (and slightly rare) notchback classic 900 Turbo 16 S. It’s a bit leggy, but ‘that’s nothing for one of these, sir’.

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  • Petrolhead95 30 Nov 2012

    £36,000 for a SAAB? That's a bit steep!

  • richb77 30 Nov 2012

    Excuse me for being in the wilderness.

    But I am sure the last Ii read Saab had been saved by some Eco friendly lot that where going to continue manufacture until their hybrid/electric nonsense was viable?

    Or did I just dream it all?

  • dasvolk 30 Nov 2012

    Well, they WERE going to be bargains, until you wrote this...

  • Krikkit 30 Nov 2012

    Petrolhead95 said:
    £36,000 for a SAAB? That's a bit steep!
    List price. Seems quite reasonable for what the 9-5 would've been.

  • Garlick 30 Nov 2012

    £36,000 eh? I like it, but not sure I'm brave enough...

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