Latest Hot Ford Falcon Gets Prodrive-Developed V8

Ford's Australian FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) division has revealed a new top-end version of its Falcon super-saloon, featuring a supercharged V8 developed by Brit engineering and motorsport specialists Prodrive.

Presumably to fend off accusations of 'going a bit girly' with its Mini WRC programme (and that car's 1.6-litre engine), Prodrive's Aussie arm has been flexing its muscle car, er, muscles, developing a new motor for the new range-topping Ford Falcon 'Boss 335'.

The so-called 'Miami' engine uses the new twin-cam V8 from the latest Ford Mustang as its base, while the added supercharger helps it to develop its 449bhp (335kw, hence the hot Falcon's name-number) and 420lb ft without the aid of an intercooler. Which leaves the intriguing potential for future upgrades using higher boost levels with an intercooler fitted...

Even so, the latest FPV Falcon can still nail the standing quarter-mile time of less than 13 seconds and manage 0-62mph in under five seconds.

"The old 5.4-litre 'Boss' unit used by Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) was a tough act to follow, but it had reached the limit of its emissions development and mechanical strength," explains Bryan Mears, MD of Prodrive's Asia Pacific division. "It took three years and AUS$36million but the result is a new benchmark for a high-performance V8."

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  • Sam43Harris 10 Jan 2011

    No sure if I like the looks of this monster.... confused

  • DaveH23 10 Jan 2011

    Looks like a Monaro to me.

  • rutthenut 10 Jan 2011

    Ah, how about getting Ford UK to flog these big-engined Aussie cars?
    In the same way that Vauxhall do the Monaro/VXR8 models.

  • robmlufc 10 Jan 2011

    Rather that than a Focus RS

  • Riggers 10 Jan 2011

    Sam43Harris said:
    No sure if I like the looks of this monster.... confused
    I know what you mean. I've been trying (and failing, so far) to find pics of it where it doesn't look rather tacky... but I think it's mostly to with the bright car on white background...

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