Lego Land Rover project

Now while you may no longer be able to buy a Land Rover Defender, here could be a new opportunity to purchase a new Land Rover that celebrates the brand's heritage. Well, sort of.

Yep, the roof even comes off too
Yep, the roof even comes off too
PHer Terry Fisher and his son Ben (going by the username Dadandlad around here) are aiming to follow Carl Greartrix's lead in getting another four-wheeled kit in the Lego stocklist. But where Carl created a Caterham, the Fishers have chosen another British automotive icon to build from bricks: the Land Rover Series III.

Their car has opening doors and an opening bonnet, plus a removable hard top. The detail even extends to adjustable front seats, an engine bay with removable front grille and a moving gearstick. Doesn't it look great? Measuring 27cm long, 13cm wide and 13cm high, it's built of 1,100 bricks.

As with the Caterham, Terry and Ben's Defender requires 10,000 votes to reach the Review stage. Here is will be reviewed by a board of Lego bods to see if it can become new set. Encouragingly, they're already at nearly 6,000 votes with 400 days left to vote. The chaps have already been along to a few Lego shows and will be at the Peterborough Land Rover show in September. Like what they're doing? You know what to do - pledge your support now!

Follow Terry on Flickr here.




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  • ukaskew 04 Aug 2016

    I always imagined the Land Rover would be pretty high on the list of official Creator automotive projects (such as the Mini, F40, VW Camper and Beetle we've had in the past few years).

    I can't think of too many other iconic vehicles with that much global appeal.

  • Leins 04 Aug 2016

    Very cool, support pledged!

  • Joshua24 04 Aug 2016

    I would like the Lego Land Rover because I'm a hugely amazed fan about the Landie. This is my chance to own one

  • Legodadandlad 04 Aug 2016

    Thank you for the write up, we are really grateful. We thank anyone who takes the time to register their support for us, much appreciated. There are other models on the update page on Lego Ideas that people may like including an off road version smile we look forward to feedback!

  • esuuv 04 Aug 2016

    Supported - looks brilliant, would work well with the Mini, Beetle, Camper, F40.

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