Lexus RC F Track Edition on video

UPDATE 09/01/2019:
Lexus really is playing its cards close around this RC F Track Edition; the car is set to make its debut at next week's Detroit show, and yet all we know about it thus far is that it will have a spoiler. Oh yes, and thanks to today's video, we know that it'll have a V8 engine. Great news.

Despite the ongoing tease and frustrating lack of info, the car still warrants some considerable attention for PHey types. After all, this should be a track focused, harder, faster version of a very likeable V8 sports coupe. In a market dominated by Germans, the Lexus interloper - despite its problems - has always been welcome. Let's hope the Track Edition can add to the appeal in due course; it will be revealed on January 14th. All of it, hopefully.


Ah, Lexus - never content to follow the crowd, are they? Sometimes that strategy is phenomenal - see the LFA - sometimes it's surprisingly very good indeed - see the GS F - and sometimes it just can't quite match the class best - see the RC F.

Of course, in isolation, the V8 RC is quite a likeable car. It has its quirks (alright then, flaws), but it remains a front-engined, rear drive V8 coupe with good balance and a stonking engine. Its problem was just being a bit of a porker: at 1,800kg it was 200kg heavier than an M4, which can never fully be escaped regardless of how much clever diff tech you throw at the issue. But now Lexus appears to have a solution...

This grainy teaser image confirms that the RC F Track Edition will make its debut at the Detroit show in January - jolly good. This is a car that's already been spotted testing with the same spoiler as seen here and, most excitingly, was potentially previewed by the GT Concept shown at the Festival of Speed in 2016. That car was a whopping 360kg lighter than standard, which would take kerbweight down to less than 1,500kg - even an M4 GTS is 1,510kg.

Now, whether the production version employs such a drastic weight loss strategy remains to be seen, but if it can incorporate a diet with some of that car's motorsport influence - the adjustable suspension, performance exhaust and so on - then we could be in for an absolutely cracking car. All will be revealed next month!


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Comments (19) Join the discussion on the forum

  • redroadster 07 Dec 2018

    I hope they do diet it down ,I think it looks great and and alternative to German stuff .

  • Love JDM 07 Dec 2018

    Yeah if it will be dieted down by the 360kg that they did on the prototype that would be amazing.

    Not sure how they'd do that without stripping it of anything in the back or even parts of the dash and creature comforts.

    Will be interesting to see!

  • Stirflow 07 Dec 2018

    RCF was such a disappointment for me, kept waiting for the engine power from that V8 to kick in... alsa it was like they'd put a restrictor on the engine.

  • Love JDM 07 Dec 2018

    Stirflow said:
    RCF was such a disappointment for me, kept waiting for the engine power from that V8 to kick in... alsa it was like they'd put a restrictor on the engine.
    You must be used to a Nissan GTR or Porsche 911 Turbo or something because when I drove one. It was bloody fast. Just didn't feel light and nimble.

  • cib24 07 Dec 2018

    I am going to guess they won't get 360kg out of it but perhaps up to 100kg out of the final product for sale.

    Does anyone know how Lexus weighs their cars compared to BMW? Does BMW use dry weights and Lexus "wet" weights with all of the fluids added in?

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