M5 v. M3 CSL v. Gallardo v. 911 v. NISMO Z-Tune

Nothing like a Friday afternoon treat from those lunatics at Best Motoring, is there? This particular video, seemingly filmed in the mid-2000s and put on YouTube back in 2011, really is one of the, er, best we've come across at PH. And we've watched a fair few. Weirdly, it's not on the official Best Motoring channel, but we'll not let that get in the way of enjoying a sensational race.

It would appear that the M5 is the focus of this track battle, given the title of the vid and its pole position. But the opposition is fantastically diverse and intriguing, as is the Best Motoring tradition. Who else would pitch a NISMO Z-Tune R34, just 20 of which were made, against a V10 BMW saloon? Making up the rest of the grid are an M3 CSL - which gives the M5 a great run for its money - a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Better than just seeing those cars together, though, is just how close the racing is. It's not decided until the very last hundred metres, when a car that's been languishing towards the back makes an inspired move for glory at the last corner.

Until then there are some fantastic dices, the Porsche making the most of typically weak BMW M brakes to gain ground and the Lamborghini v. NISMO battle close for large sections of the race. Oh yes, and the M3 CSL definitely sounds as good as you remember...

So get the kettle on - or something a bit stronger if you fancy; it's 5pm on Friday somewhere - and settle into one heck of a race. Enjoy!


P.H. O'meter

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Comments (19) Join the discussion on the forum

  • NITO 09 Mar 2018

    The Skytrain had them at Hello!

  • Bencolem 09 Mar 2018

    Other then the Nizmonresult feeling a bit staged that was fantastic!

  • Vitorio 09 Mar 2018

    Bencolem said:
    Other then the Nizmonresult feeling a bit staged that was fantastic!
    The entire battle was a bit contrived, considering the ease with which the GT-R and Lambo overtook the porsche once they could actually be bothered

    But still, great video, seeing that M5 going balls out trying to keep faster metal behind

  • ZX10R NIN 09 Mar 2018

    Enjoyed that smile

  • cerb4.5lee 09 Mar 2018

    ZX10R NIN said:
    Enjoyed that smile
    Me too.

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