McLaren 720S: Spotted

The McLaren 720S was only unveiled a little over a year ago - at the 2017 Geneva show, in fact - but quickly asserted itself as the new supercar benchmark. Having recovered from the initial shock of the styling, in particular those eye socket headlights, the motoring press soon got down to the business of proclaiming just how staggeringly impressive it was to drive.

The 720hp and 568lb ft produced by the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 propell the 720S from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, and from 0-100 in just 5.6. That's only a tenth slower than a P1, though many who've spent time behind the wheel claim the 720 actually feels faster than its million pound big brother...

It's not just about raw speed though - far from it. The sterility of some of Woking's previous offerings is all but gone from the 720, finally usurped by an exciting and engaging character which, together with the level of everyday drivability we've come to expect from McLaren products, has elevated the Super Series car to previously unattained heights.

Which makes it all the more surprising how many are for sale on the classifieds. There are 21 available currently, with prices ranging from £205,000 to £275,000 for a delivery miles, launch edition car. With McLaren estimating that it would produce around 800 examples for the global market in 2017, these 21 represent a not inconsiderable chunk of UK allocation. But which to choose?

Well, we've opted for this one, a quite tastefully specced car, nicely run in with 1,000 miles on the clock, and equally as nicely discounted at £30,000 less than list - a good chunk of change even on a £200k supercar. Sure, we could do without the zircon silver window surrounds, but the Saros Grey paint with black leather interior is a smart combination.

The five-spoke lightweight wheels with polished (rather than painted) calipers make for a subtle yet striking car, while the front end lift, full suite of parking sensors, and paint protection film make for a practical one, too. Add in the exceptional Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker sound system and the carbon fibre interior pack and you're on to a winner.

Why the original owner traded in their 720 after so few miles, we'll never know, perhaps a fully-loaded Vanquish sounded a more comfortable way to get from A to B. But with a £30,000 discount and a chance to beat the waiting list, what we can be certain of is that their loss will be one very lucky buyer's gain.


Engine: 3,994cc, twin-turbo V8
Transmission: 7-speed SSG, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 720@7,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 568@5,500rpm
0-62mph: 2.9sec
Top speed: 212mph
Weight: 1,419kg (fluids +90 per cent fuel)
MPG: 26.4
CO2: 249g/km

See the full ad here.

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  • Snubs 13 Mar 2018

    Price new wasn't the £218k the article states, which would render it a somewhat pointless article. It was £253k

  • DonkeyApple 13 Mar 2018

    There is this thing called the ‘stock market’ and these other things called ‘crypto currencies’. Not many people have heard of either. But those who have like to borrow money to take long positions in them and wait for a price correction to wipe out their margin deposits along with a chunk of the borrowed funds and the subsequent selling off of chattels and forced ending of other loan agreements by the firms they owe large amounts to.

    We’ve just had a major sell off in cryptos and the key vanilla markets that has hit a huge number of long only speculators and you’d expect to see a rise in ‘toys’ up for sale as these people can no longer pay for them.

    In a couple of months we will also be seeing their watches and smaller items being sold by the pawn brokers as the markets haven’t recovered yet.

  • PhantomPH 14 Mar 2018

    That's a really nice looking example. I'll give them £200k and call it a deal.

  • Davey S2 14 Mar 2018

    God that looks dull. Dull exterior colour and dull interior.

  • unpc 14 Mar 2018

    Davey S2 said:
    God that looks dull. Dull exterior colour and dull interior.
    I don't mind the exterior apart from the chrome trim but the interior is bad. Seats the same colour as those plastic shoes reps and coach drivers are fond of wearing.

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