Melkus To Show Hardcore Coupes In Monaco

It might sound more like cough remedy than a German sports car maker, but Melkus is definitely into cars rather than pharmaceuticals and to prove the point it is bringing two new versions of its RS2000 coupe (first seen at the Frankfurt show in 2009) to the Top Marques show in Monaco this weekend.

The RS2000 GT and GTS both get a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine from a 'well-known German manufacturer' (if that doesn't mean Audi we'd be surprised) giving 296bhp in GT form and 345bhp in GTS form.

That's enough to propel the faster of the two to a top speed of 186mph and a 0-62mph sprint off 3.9secs (the GT does the same in 4.5secs.

Both the GT and GTS come with adjustable dampers and AP performance brakes. Meanwhile, Melkus makes substantial use of carbon-fibre for the front spoiler, rear wing, rear diffuser and side air intakes in order to help keep the kerb weight down to just 975kg.

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  • OlberJ 14 Apr 2011

    A VAG converted Elise then?

  • bakerjuk 14 Apr 2011

    Love the side profile, but that rear end looks like its raised in the air ready to trump.

    Actually the back is similar to the old Aston v8 Vantage which I never liked either.

    I certainly wouldn't chew my arm off if I woke up next to it though.

  • mat205125 14 Apr 2011

    Any ideas on prices?

    Looks like a kick in the teeth for the Evora if £50-60k is possible.

  • OlberJ 14 Apr 2011

    bakerjuk said:
    Actually the back is similar to the old Aston v8 Vantage which I never liked either.
    Zagato, non?

  • chunkymonkey71 14 Apr 2011

    Nice looking wee thing.

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